What’s your go-to lớn messaging app? You may not know it, but your answer will largely depover on where you live sầu. 

We analyzed Android data from 93 countries, using gamesbaidoithuong.com’s market research intelligence, khổng lồ determine the most popular messaging apps across the world. We found that overall, there are five top messaging apps dominating the global market. Let’s dive sầu right in.

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The Most Popular Messaging Apps by Country 

Of the 94 countries that we examined, WhatsApp was the world leader, snagging the top-messaging app spot in 58 countries, 30% of the world and 63% of this dataset. These countries include: Argentimãng cầu, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Irel&, Israel, Italy, Kenya, the Netherlands, New Zealvà, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, và more. 

Facebook Messenger came in second overall, with the highest popularity in 15 countries including the United States, nước Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Philippines, Polvà, Sweden, and Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan.

Telegram was the only other messaging tiện ích to lớn win three or more countries, showing strong popularity in 11 places overall including Armenia, Egypt, Lithuania, & Venezuela.

Viber has a svào presence in Europe, winning both Greece and Ukraine. And Line is maintaining popularity in Asia, with the highest performance in Japan and Taiwan. 

Apps that only clayên ổn one country include Discord (Slovenia), KakaoTalk (South Korea), Phoenix (Algeria), Zalo (Vietnam), & WeChat (China).


Top 5 apps: Performance by country 

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, và Line are the top five sầu most popular messaging apps, representing 88 countries, or 45% of the world & 95% of this dataphối.

Below is a breakdown of the performance of each di động messaging phầm mềm in three high-performing countries. Metrics analyzed included:

Install Penetration: The percentage of devices in the defined market with the phầm mềm installed on averageDownloads: App downloads from the Google Android Store in the given time period Unique Installs: Unique ứng dụng installs during the given time period Daily Active sầu Users: The average amount of chất lượng daily active sầu usersMonthly Active sầu Users: The average amount of quality monthly active sầu users


WhatsApp dominates the Israeli market for thiết bị di động messaging apps, with an install penetration of almost 90%. DAUs & MAUs are highest in Germany, but this makes sense given the kích cỡ of the population.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger’s install penetration averages around 66%, with Canada topping the leaderboard at 68%. DAUs are highest in Poland, but France is doing the best job at attracting new users and has the highest quality installs.


Telegram’s penetration averages around 30% in its top three countries, with Russia winning at 36%. Unique installs are also the highest in Russia at 5.6 million between January – March 2021. Italy outperforms Spain, especially when comes to DAUs và MAUs.


Viber is very popular in Ukraine, with an install penetration of 80%, followed closely by Greece at 77%. Although Russia has a much lower install penetration than the other two countries in this adset, it is the country with the highest amount of new users and chất lượng installs during the time period.


Line is becoming increasingly popular across Asia, illustrated by its svào presence in both Đất Nước Thái Lan, Taiwan, & Japan. Although nhật bản has the lowest install penetration of these three counties, it is doing a better job than Taiwan in getting new users và retaining existing ones.

Smartphone messaging apps to watch

Although the thiết bị di động messaging world is currently dominated by these top five apps, there are a few key players to watch as competition in the coming months. 

Discord, which is the top di động messaging tiện ích in Slovenia, is gaining popularity in other countries. In March 2021, the phầm mềm jumped 11 spots in the Google Play Store overall and saw a 3.2% increase in downloads compared to the previous month. Discord is also growing in Denmark, Finl&, Portugal, & South Korea. 


Although Signal didn’t make the các mục of the top di động messaging apps this year, it is the third most popular choice for users in Hong Kong, after WhatsApp and Google Chrome. The ứng dụng is also gaining popularity in Mexiteo, Poland, Switzerl&, Slovatê, nước Australia, & France. 

With work-from-trang chủ becoming a permanent fixture for most companies, Slack is experiencing rapid growth. In Japan, downloads for this app grew 66% in March 2021 compared lớn the month before. In the U.S. active sầu daily users have sầu been steadily increasing, reaching 508.1K last month, a 6.3% rise from February 2021. 


Be the first to lớn know what’s trending

This is just a sample of the type of data và insights you can collect with gamesbaidoithuong.com’s Research Intelligence Tool. Try it now for không tính tiền to lớn see for yourself which apps are gaining popularity, which ones are losing users, và most importantly, where you fit inkhổng lồ the market.