Out of all the games that are played, badminton is the most convenient và fun game. It can be played outdoors as well as indoors. The game, traditionally, was played indoors and is still professionally played indoors as the shuttle cock gets affected by the wind, & if you are a true badminton fan, you don"t want lớn let that happen. The trò chơi demands speed, accuracy & a whole lot of concentration. These things about badminton make it one of the best sports in the world.

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Badminton is a kind of thể thao that everyone has played once in their entire life, and the lot we play it, the more fun it becomes, and it compels you khổng lồ be good at it. At least, that"s what happens to lớn me. Badminton also brings a sense of nostalgia to lớn people as it is a reminder of childhood memories. Let alone children và a lot of adults also play this game out of a passion for its health benefits.

The more we play badminton, the better we become at it, which is the case with almost every game. Badminton, similar khổng lồ other sports, requires a lot of practice & accuracy in order to become a good badminton player. After playing for a long time, our arms obviously give out, và it hurts khổng lồ perform other tasks, but the pleasure that the games give and the feeling of strength that comes afterwards are worth any kind of pain.

Badminton is a kind of thể thao that makes us healthy and active in addition to lớn having a lot of fun. There are a lot of people who solely enjoy the sport, và it acts as a source of energy for them. Even for me, this thể thao help in gain strength & confidence. The sound of the racket hitting the shuttlecock every time is a really soothing sound for people who are into sports.

History of Badminton

It is truly a beautiful sport and one of the most enjoyable ones. The sport is the perfect combination of precision, accuracy và elegance as well which is truly the best combination. When we are to lớn find the roots of this trò chơi which is loved by almost everyone, we have to lớn go back in history. Although the original trò chơi can be traced to lớn being played 2000 years ago in Greece, we have its modern root in India. During the 19th century period, when British colonial rule was going on in India, this game originally came out from a game known as George Cajoles, which was played in Pune.

The game was started by the Britishers, who were office holders in India. After the kết thúc of colonial rule, the British people returned lớn their country, và the game quickly gained popularity there & eventually spread all over the world. The rules, arranged well for the first time only by the Bath Badminton Club, were acquired in 1877. This trò chơi was played professionally for the very first time in 1899. In that year, the first actual tournament for badminton, the xuất hiện Badminton Championship, was played. The history of Badminton also includes the fact that among all the sports that are there in the Olympics, badminton has been there in the danh mục since 1992.

The game, even though it originated in England, is now popular across the whole world, và it is played by countries such as India, China, South Korea & so on. Even the Asian championship has this sport as one of the games.

Rules of badminton


The rules of this trò chơi are pretty simple and easy to understand. The first one is that the game can allow two or four players lớn play at once, & each player must have a racket. The whole trò chơi can be played by one single shuttlecock. There is a net used in this game, & if there are two players, they have lớn stand on either side of the net, and if four players are playing, then it has to be two on each side of the net.

To play the game, one player has to lớn start it by serving the shuttlecock while the other, who is standing on the other side of the net, has khổng lồ stop it from touching the ground by hitting it again with his racket. If the shuttlecock touches the ground on one side, points are gained by the other side.

The player on the other side who has been rewarded the points also gets a chance lớn serve when the game resumes. The badminton match, however, is divided into sets of 2. The first team who gains enough points khổng lồ reach the goal of 21 points wins the match.

Why is it the best sport for me?

Badminton is the kind of trò chơi we can play with anyone. Family, friends or anyone we please and the best part about that trò chơi is that you don"t require too many players in order khổng lồ play the game. Unlike football or cricket, this trò chơi can be played with mere two players.

Being a good thể thao one can play on a picnic, badminton serves as a game that can help in spending fun time with family và friends. This thể thao can serve as a bức xúc buster as it does to lớn me, or it can also help in enhancing competitiveness. During the times I felt highly competitive, I would always try to gain more points and play with all my strength. It always acts as a confidence booster for me. Even on the days when I feel low, badminton acts as a perfect distraction as it takes my mind off the bad things and makes me focus on the game more, which is my favourite thing to lớn do.


Badminton is a sport that can be played at any time of the day, but I prefer to play it in the evening when the temperature is not that hot, & the sun isn"t there lớn blur the view. Even though it is professionally played inside closed doors in order khổng lồ avoid the wind or rain from hindering the game, my friends & I play in our locality during winters as at that time, the temperature is less, and it is easy to lớn play games like badminton which require a lot of physical exercises.

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Any sport requires time to play và practice. Living in this era in which people don"t even have time khổng lồ breathe calmly, it is hard to lớn continue their hobby of playing a sport, & people always end up leaving their hobby or passion in order khổng lồ find time for other things. This problem, in my opinion, has only one solution, which is to khung a schedule and divide our time wisely, so we have enough time for ourselves to lớn pursue any hobby we desire. That hobby for me is badminton. My friends mix a time, particularly for playing badminton.

BWF- Badminton World Federation

The organisation that governs this trò chơi around the world is known as BWF, which is the abbreviation for Badminton World Federation, which has also been recognised by the International Olympic Committee. There are a lot of tournaments that are held across the globe at different levels. Be it on the cấp độ of zones, region or even national, the rules of the trò chơi are perfectly followed & taken care of. Matches are scheduled indoors to avoid any kind of disturbance that might occur because of nature. Any kind of wind is avoided in order to lớn stop the shuttlecock from shirting in the air. This one thing is specially taken care of as the results of a match might change because of the wind.

Tournaments held by BWF- BWF arranges a number of tournaments và competitions for different grades, & each grade has its own phối of competitions. For example- seven tournaments are organised by BWF every year, and two para-badminton tournaments are also organised along with them in Grade 1.

Sports in today"s world


It is not hidden from anyone that we all are now living in a sedentary world. A world where activity is forsaken every day, và it is having a drastic effect on our lives. Schools have become online, và even working people have started opting khổng lồ work from trang chủ so that they don"t have khổng lồ leave the house. COVID-19 has also been a major reason for this inactive lifestyle. Playing any kind of thể thao can help us in innumerable ways & can be a great step towards regaining our health, which has degraded drastically. Badminton is a great choice when we are willing to start playing sports, as badminton requires physical exercise in addition to accuracy and concentration.

Playing badminton can be addictive as every time we miss the shuttlecock, it makes us want khổng lồ practice the game more in order khổng lồ excel. The trò chơi never makes anyone bored, và people tend lớn play more và more, which helps khổng lồ stay in shape in addition lớn providing an energy boost to function perfectly throughout the day.

Badminton players across the globe

There are a number of players across the globe who are very good in badminton & are probably rated the topmost players in the world by BWF World Ranking. This ranking is for the player who participates in the BWF-organised tournaments, và it is given by the BWF itself. As I have grown up, the popularity of the sport has increased a lot, and when it became an Olympic sport, in the previous years of badminton games, it was mainly Chinese players who used to win the most và stay at the top, but in today world, there are a lot of players from different countries who have extraordinary skills và they have taken over the sport with time.

In the history of Badminton, BWF has played a very important role as it tries khổng lồ make the thể thao better by making rules & regulations and also focusing on its applications. It is the Badminton World Federation that maintains an official world ranking for the players who play alone or those who play in pairs. The ranking is mostly based on the performance of the player over the years. Without BWF, the thể thao would not have been this interesting.

There are some players who make it to the topmost list và are some of the best players in badminton across the globe. Out of all the players that make it to lớn the list, a few names never leave the list because of their extraordinary performances. One such name is a well-known player, Lin Dan.

Lin Dan


It is believed by a lot of followers of badminton that Lin Dan was the best player who played in the men"s singles category. He was a legendary Chinese player who won a lot of games and medals. The player won two gold medals consequently in the Olympics and also secured the first position in the Hong Kong East Asian Games. The incredible performance of the player won him the title of "Super Dan" by one of his opponents. After that, the media and fans always used this name whenever he was praised for his successes.

My favorite player

Badminton has always been the best thể thao for me, and I am fond of all the players of this sport. Playing a sport lượt thích this which requires stamina, accuracy, talent, and good eyesight, is not an easy thing khổng lồ do, and it is played worldwide for the amount of entertainment as well as excitement it offers. Whenever I hear the word "Badminton", the one name that pops into my head immediately is "P.V. Sindhu". She is my favourite badminton player và currently the best in India. She is an inspiration khổng lồ a lot of people who want to pursue their dreams. She is a great example for girls, and her story inspires us lớn dream big.


When Sindhu is in court, she glides from one side khổng lồ the other & always manages to lớn hit the shuttlecock. She never lets it land on her side of the court, winning her the game. Badminton is a sport which requires stamina, skills & good eyesight. This sport offers excitement and entertainment, và many across the world enjoy playing badminton. When we hear the word "BADMINTON", the first name that comes lớn our mind is "P.V.Sindhu". Sindhu is my favourite badminton player. Just seeing her in the court makes me feel inspired. It"s always a joy to lớn watch her in court as she glides from side to lớn side, hitting the shuttlecock right back, never letting it land on her side. P.V. Sindhu is the only Indian to become the badminton world champion now, and she is the pride of our country.


Badminton is a sport that has been played for a very long time. Even though there have been many alterations in the rules of the trò chơi since its invention, some rules of this trò chơi have never been changed & stayed as they were since ancient times. This sport offers a lot of health benefits và entertainment as well. It is a thể thao which doesn"t require a lot of players, & it is not that expensive also as we only need khổng lồ have a shuttlecock và rackets. The sport is not just a regular thể thao but a great exercise as it provides fitness for the mind and body. These benefits of the trò chơi make it my favourite and probably one of the most popular across the world.