Phần mượt nén và giải nén WinRAR 6.02

WinRAR 6.02 (Mới duy nhất, copy paste file license key) là 1 trong những Một trong những ứng dụng nén và bung file tệp tin được Đánh Giá là cực tốt, khiến cho bạn thu gọn gàng những file lại thành 1 tập tin .rar hoặc .zip, nhằm mục đích tàng trữ, hoặc gửi cho tất cả những người không giống thuận lợi rộng. Với các kĩ năng có lợi, mời bạn Download WinRAR 6.02 32bit, 64bit + key (key phiên bản quyền, ko nên cr4ông xã, p4tch) version tiên tiến nhất bên dưới.

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WinRAR 6.02 Full License

Có gì bắt đầu sinh sống WinRAR 6.02?

1. Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut selects the entire text in WinRAR commentwindow.

2. If -idn switch is used together with -t or -df in console RARwhen archiving, it additionally disables “Deleting ”or “Testing ” messages, normally issued by these switches.

Also -idn disables thư mục creation messages when extractinga tệp tin lớn non-existing thư mục.

3. WinRAR & ZIP SFX module refuse to extract contents of ZIP. SFXarchives if ZIPhường central directory is resided after beginningof Authenticode digital signature. It is done to lớn prsự kiện possibleattacks with inclusion of ZIP. archive into lớn signature body toàn thân.

4. Bugs fixed:

a) “Convert archives” commvà could incorrectly convert Unicodecomments in RAR archives.

b) if two archive information windows had been opened from Explorercontext thực đơn, the compression ratio bar in the first windowcould erroneously display a value for second archive sầu.

It did not affect the ratio & other text details at the rightof window. Only the vertical bar at the left could be updatedlớn a wrong value;

c) if “Wait if other WinRAR copies are active” option was enabledin extraction dialog, “Waiting for another WinRAR copy” titlewas not phối in command progress window while waiting;

d) when extracting a symbolic link, previous versions did notoverwrite existing symbolic links even if user requested itin overwrite prompt.

Version 6.00

1. “Ignore” và “Ignore All” options are added khổng lồ read error prompt.“Ignore” allows khổng lồ continue processing with already read tệp tin partonly và “Ignore All” does it for all future read errors.

For example, if you archive a file, which portion is locked by anotherprocess, & if “Ignore” is selected in read error prompt,only a part of file preceding the unreadable region will be savedinlớn archive.

It can help to lớn avoid interrupting lengthy archiving operations,though be aware that files archived with “Ignore” are incomplete.

If switch -y is specified, “Ignore” is applied khổng lồ all files by mặc định.

Previously available “Retry” and “Quit” options are still presentin read error prompt as well.

2. Exit code 12 is returned in the command line mode in case of read errors.This code is returned for all options in the read error prompt,including a newly introduced “Ignore” option.

Previously more comtháng fatal error code 2 was returned for read errors.

3. If several archives are selected, “Extract archives to” option groupin “Options” page of extraction dialog can be used lớn place extractedfiles to specified destination thư mục, khổng lồ separate subfoldersin destination folder, lớn separate subfolders in archive foldersand directly lớn archive folders.

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It replaces “Extract archives to subfolders” option and availableonly if multiple archives are selected.

4. New -ad2 switch places extracted files directly lớn archive’s own thư mục.Unlượt thích -ad1, it does not create a separate subthư mục for each unpackedarchive.

5. “Additional switches” option in “Options” page of archivingvà extraction dialogs allows khổng lồ specify WinRAR command line switches.It might be useful if there is no option in WinRAR graphical interfacematching a switch.

Use this feature only if you are familiar with WinRAR command linesyntax & clearly underst& what specified switches are intended for.

6. Compression parameters in “Benchmark” command are changed to32 MB dictionary & “Normal” method. They match RAR5 mặc định modeand more suitable lớn estimate the typical performance of recentWinRAR versions than former 4 MB “Best” intended for RAR4 format.

Lathử nghiệm “Benchmark” results cannot be compared with previous versionsdirectly. New parameters phối produces different values, likely lowerbecause of eight times larger dictionary size.

7. When unpacking a part of files from solid volume phối,WinRAR attempts khổng lồ skip volumes in the beginning and startextraction from volume closest to lớn specified file & with resetsolid statistics.

By default WinRAR resets the solid statistics in the beginningof large enough solid volumes where possible. For such volumesextracting a part of files from the middle of volume phối can befaster now.

It does not affect performance when all archived files are unpacked.

8. Previously WinRAR automatically resorted to lớn extracting fromfirst volume, when user started extraction from non-first volumeand first volume was available. Now WinRAR does so only if all volumesbetween first và specified are also available.

9. Warning is issued when closing WinRAR if one or more archived fileshad been modified by external apps, but failed khổng lồ be saved baông xã toarchive, because an external tiện ích still locks them. Such warningincludes the menu of modified files and proposes to lớn quit immediately& lose changes or return khổng lồ WinRAR và cthua trận an editor app.

Previous versions issued a similar warning while editing a file,but did not remind it again when quitting.

10. “Move lớn Recycle Bin” option in “Delete archive” options groupof extraction dialog places deleted archives to lớn Recycle Bininstead of deleting them permanently.

11. New “Clear history…” comm& in “Options” menu allows khổng lồ removenames of recently opened archives in “File” menu and clear drop downlists with previously entered values in dialogs. For example,these values include archive names in archiving dialog& destination paths in extraction dialog.

12. “File time” options in “Advanced” part of extraction dialog arenow available for 7z archives. Additionally lớn modification time,WinRAR can set creation and last access time when unpacking sucharchives.