So I would really like to play Frozen Throne one my big screen but everything is soo big, it"s really annoying :(

Is there any way khổng lồ zoom out? Any hacks or some tools or tips, something?



Do the following:

xuất hiện System Preferences > Displays and get your screen"s resolution.Open Warcraft III & go lớn Options > Video and mix the resolution khổng lồ the same.Play the game fullscreen và enjoy.

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If you want lớn effect camera zoom, you can use the vertical scrollwheel of the mouse or I think the + and - keys khổng lồ zoom in and out.



A little bit of searching around seems to lớn indicate that this might be possible with War3. Try this out, I have tried this on Windows (Registry Editing & all that) but this is with Mac


Try this comm& after the game start (in game chat):

-cam 1.40where 1.00 is normal(100%) distance và 1.40 in example is 40% zoomed out of normal distance.

I just tried this command in custom bản đồ Dota LOD Map 6.83 & it was working as expected. I"m not sure about other warcraft III maps.

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On DOTA maps I found a book inhỏ around buttons where you can buyback your hero when he/she dies (your nhân vật reserved location near foundation). If you click on the book you"ll see buttons to zoom in và zoom out plus other settings for mouse right click deny support and auto attachồng & ...

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