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What are undergraduate students? There are plenty of them in the UK – over 1.5 million in fact – but how doyou define what they are? What are they studying & where bởi they study? And vì they overlap with gamesbaidoithuong.comuate students at all? Let’s take a look.

Who is considered an undergraduate student?

In the UK, Europe and the United States an undergraduate student is a student who is working towards a bachelors degree, sometimes known as an undergraduate degree. They are different from gamesbaidoithuong.comuate students who are studying their subject at a higher level than the undergraduate màn chơi, having (usually) already been awarded a bachelors degree in a relevant subject. 

Is there any overlap with gamesbaidoithuong.comuates?

Some gamesbaidoithuong.comuate courses will award students with gamesbaidoithuong.comuate qualifications that are in effect the same as an undergraduate degree. For example, the accelerated gamesbaidoithuong.comuate course in Occupational Therapy at the University of Cumbria is run alongside the undergraduate course. 

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What are they studying?

Undergraduate students will be studying a huge range of subjects, basically embarking on the first cấp độ of university study inlớn any subject that is studied or taught at university – which is pretty much everything & anything!.A key difference between undergraduate & gamesbaidoithuong.comuate work is the volume of independent retìm kiếm that students are expected lớn undertake. At the gamesbaidoithuong.comuate màn chơi, some students will be doing masters courses that comprise entirely of retìm kiếm, known as an MRes (Masters of Research), without any taught element at all. Whereas an undergraduate course will have sầu a large element of taught modules or courses & less individual retìm kiếm. 

Career-specific course vs general subjects

In the UK and Europe some undergraduates will be on bachelors courses that are technical và geared towards a profession, such as Engineering, whilst others will be studying more general courses, such as History, but this type of undergraduate course can lead to lớn further training in a graduate scheme or go on lớn further study at the gamesbaidoithuong.comuate cấp độ. In the US almost all undergraduates are studying general courses & will only go onto lớn specialise on more career or technical focus subjects when they attend Graduate School. 

Where will you find undergraduate students?

In Europe và the UK, you will find undergraduate students in all the same places as gamesbaidoithuong.comuate students, as well as at some institutions that only offer undergraduate degrees, such as some Further Education Colleges in the UK. In the US you will find undergraduate students in universities và colleges throughout the country, but not in Graduate Schools where only those with an undergraduate degree already can study. There are increasing numbers of students who choose to study online instead of at a traditional campus and they are often studying part time. 

What age are undergraduate students?

Undergraduate students can be almost any age, but the majority of undergraduate students are in their late teens & early twenties & have sầu usually come straight from school or after taking a year or two away from their studies lớn travel or work. However, many students are taking their first undergraduate degrees as mature students or are changing career directions with an undergraduate degree. This means there is no upper limit to lớn the age that an undergraduate student can be. 

How long bởi undergraduate students study for?

The length of study for an undergraduate degree program all depends on the course. For example, some undergraduate courses in the US are only two years in length, but these tkết thúc to lớn be intensive sầu courses that include traditional holiday periods. In the UK undergraduate courses tover to be between three and four years long, but for some more technical courses – lượt thích architecture – they could be studying for five sầu years. In most of Europe, it is similar with courses lasting from between three and five sầu years. Some undergraduate students study part time & in this case they will take between four và eight years khổng lồ complete their course. 

How many undergraduate students are there?

Here’s a table showing how many undergraduate students there were in the UK, Europe & the United States in 2016.


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