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If you use a Windows PC then you almost certainly know the Avast brand name. Avast started out as the maker of a truly excellent free anti-virut solution, one that should be on every PC, including yours. The Avast anti-virut suite is available in miễn phí và premium versions, with the paid version providing some bells-and-whistles functionality; the không tính tiền version is sufficient for most users. Avast also makes VPN software, anti-tracking tools, cloud tools and other programs for trang chính và business. There is no question that the br& is solid and they make unique products.

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Is Avast Cleanup Premium worth it?

The jury is still out on whether registry cleaners actually deliver any performance benefit or not. If you have not maintained your PC for years và have been steadily installing và uninstalling apps during that time, you may get an initial performance boost. Otherwise, if you use Windows 10 and have half-decent computer hygiene habits, you may not see a boost at all.

There is a definite benefit lớn cleaning up old files, cleaning up your hard disks, removing old shortcuts, cleaning out old apps from your browser and deleting junk. Avast Cleanup Premium will vị all those things for you. However, they are also all things you can vì chưng yourself in Windows, & for miễn phí.

Right cliông chồng a hard drive, select Properties & then Disk Clean-up to clean out the junk.Right cliông chồng the Windows Task bar, select Task Manager, select the startup tab to lớn prioritize programs that start with Windows.Use the Services tab in Task Manager khổng lồ Open Services and put programs khổng lồ sleep.Select Add-ons in your browser to disable and/or remove obsolete browser extensions.Drag & drop a desktop shortcut you no longer need into lớn the recycle bin lớn remove sầu it.

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What’s more, you can use PowerShellor other scripting tools to easily automate these tasks for you.

The main benefit of Avast Cleanup Premium is the psychological advantage: your computer is being looked after (without you having khổng lồ bởi vì anything) & having its performance boosted by a well known company with an excellent reputation. The actual physical performance benefits will be negligible at best if you maintain your system properly, but the psychological benefits could be important, depending on how you look at your computer.

So is it worth $50 a year? To experienced users, frankly, no. You can persize most of the functions from within Windows and the performance benefit of cleaning the registry is still unproven in all but the worst cases. There are also free alternatives should you want lớn use them such as CCleaner. Ironically, CCleaner is owned by Avast. The miễn phí version has everything you need and the premium version is only $14.99.

Avast is an excellent company that delivers superior security products but I cannot recommover paying so much for a program that duplicates what is already possible from within Windows.