In our rapidly evolving world driven by new realms, organizations feel the need khổng lồ change their operating methods & techniques lớn face the emerging business challenges and fluctuating customer demand.

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In other words, businesses need lớn perform the digital transformation of their core operations, which is to lớn transfer core processes khổng lồ software solutions, streamlining them. As this transition is highly complex (even separate parts of it demvà cthua attention), every company needs an expert with a particular skill set & a knack for balancing business needs with different nuances of công nghệ solutions.

A solutions architect is an expert và one of the most significant and client-facing roles in the IT industry, whose importance is nonetheless often overlooked or even completely ignored by companies at both ends.

For a software solution lớn work effectively, scale, và meet the set business needs, it needs to lớn have sầu a well-thought-out architecture that accounts for numerous technical và customer nuances. Put simply, the long-term success of any IT project relies on the input đầu vào from a solutions architect, who needs to have:

wide-ranging technical expertisebusiness analysis skillsproject management skills, etc.



Solutions Architect Salary 2020

According khổng lồ job tìm kiếm sites, the average salary for a Solutions Architect role can vary widely depending on the location, education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years in the profession, etc.

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As of Jul 1, 20trăng tròn, the average annual pay for an AWS Solutions Architect in the United States is $155,005 a year. This position requires at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information công nghệ, or software engineering. Although experience is not always required, several years of network administration experience is beneficial.

Importance of Solutions Architect In a Company

One of the main reasons why a company should employ a solutions architect is to lớn successfully design & develop new công nghệ solutions that align with its business needs, as well as fill in the communication gap between technical and non-technical experts involved in an IT project.

As the process is always heavy on the budget và highly risky, every company should have a solutions architect to lớn implement new solutions & scale them successfully. A solutions architect can be introduced to lớn a company’s enterprise structure through software architecture consulting services.


A solutions architect is responsible for building và implementing IT systems architectures that meet the set business requirements. Their role starts with gathering the requirements, understanding the specifications, evaluating the systems that are in place, and working closely with stakeholders lớn deliver the right solution.

In general, the solutions architect’s role is khổng lồ explain the business requirements to lớn the development team and lead them in building a hàng hóa that can solve sầu real business issues effectively. The position is very responsible & requires a wide-ranging IT skillset and knowledge. With companies increasingly relying on software và emerging technologies, the role of a solutions architect will continue to gain weight.

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