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** I am editing this question khổng lồ clarify what I”m looking for – I know what the meaning of this sentence is (both meanings and the difference). I”m merely curious as to lớn how khổng lồ write it out with the verb so as to lớn make it a grammatically complete sentence. Just lượt thích “Go” would be “You go.” **


I”d guess it”s implicating something like:

(I pity the) poor you!

The “poor you” seems to lớn be used like an object here.

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“Poor you” is grammatically complete. Despite what you learned in elementary school, there is no minimum standard for syntactical completeness. Really.

Here”s an analogous construction:

I went và stuchồng a fishhook through my thumb. Stupid me.

Here, were you lớn render the second sentence as “I am stupid” it would take on a somewhat different meaning. “Stupid me” is calling yourself stupid. “Poor you” is calling someone poor (often sarcastically).

“Poor you” may be construed as an ejaculation of sorts:

ejaculation n 1. an abrupt emphatic utterance or exclamation


Under suggestion I”m posting this bình luận as an answer. I”d lượt thích lớn add that I ignore the etymology of the expression “poor you” or the variant “poor thing” và so on. I searched them but couldn”t find anything up lớn now.

About what you wrote in your edit in your question: “go” as in a command, or imperative is a complete sentence. And it”s a grammatically complete sentence.

Furthermore, “go” và “you go” are two different tenses, (in this case) the former being the imperative và the latter being the present tense. If you”re asking about the etymology, that”s another thing, but hinting that “go” is not grammatically complete is not correct.

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It implies that the person referred to by “you” is unfortunate in some way. For example:

Your barber messed up your haircut the day before prom & now you look like a troll doll, poor you!

The person is unfortunate because of a bad haircut, not because of financial problems. I suppose it could also be written as:
Your barber messed up your haircut the day before prom và now you look lượt thích a troll doll! How unfortunate!


Your barber messed up your haircut the day before prom và now you look like a troll doll! How unfortunate for you!

There isn”t an equivalent of “go home” for “poor you.”In the first case, go is a verb using the imperative mood, for which the subject (second person) is implicit. In the latter case, poor is an adjective, & you cannot omit you from poor you; it could be poor you, poor me, poor thing, poor little rich boy, etc.

“Poor” is adjectival in this sense. It would be similar khổng lồ saying “rich you” even though that”s not standard, in American or British gamesbaidoithuong.com.

In German there is a similar expression “Du armer/arme (lit. you poor)” where the word “Ding (thing)” is implied.

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