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All of these suggestions are in line with the field"s overarching goal of explaining the nature of interlanguage rules & determining their origins.
Any decisions to which they point have already been ordained by the criteria in that overarching r ule.
Officials considered the value of possible alterations to the gaze in the exam in light of both the effectiveness & overarching intent of the exam.
All three goals serve the overarching ayên of attempting lớn delineate different aspects of heterogeneity in this complex, intriguing, and costly human syndrome.
The parable points not to lớn an overarching meaning, but self-reflexively lớn its status as text, & to lớn the dangers of the story-making process.
Ideational life has, in short, not merely its contradictions và diremptions, not only, at times, its great overarching categories.
The overarching problem that inspired the controversy is an essential discrepancy that one hopes, in vain, is merely literary or typographical.
The party"s overarching ideology rested on the belief that working-class people were entitled to lớn a stable economic foundation.
I have sầu attempted to lớn reveal the various forms in which local practices assume a significance & resonance in tandem with overarching national & global concerns.
Without it, judgments would be procrustian, collapsing different kinds of evidence onto lớn a single dimension or overarching criterion.
More information will follow shortly regarding conference themes, but an overarching focus will be one of showcasing solutions as opposed to highlighting problems.
European market integration provides an overarching framework that allows regionalists khổng lồ demvà political autonomy without incurring market exclusion.
Thus while cultures, in the anthropological sense, are plural và societies divided, an overarching political framework - a civic community - holds the fragments together.

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The overarching message emerging from the present investigation is that multi-child contexts can be positive learning environments in fostering early social-cognitive và language development.
These dismal conditions form the overarching context within which the possibility of improving the relationship must be discussed.
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