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Brett Young backs away from his personal narrative khổng lồ offer "Not Yet," his new radio single from an upcoming album. Sure, this is a love sầu tuy nhiên, và he credits an experience shared with wife Taylor for his parts of the lyrics, but their romance doesn't saturate the song.

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The singer's last single, "Lady," "Catch" -- from Young's sophomore album, Ticket to L.A. -- & so many of the hits from his self-titled debut album were personal to lớn the point of being borderline voyeurism. It's difficult lớn argue with the results, but with a new place in life (a baby at trang chính và another on the way) & a fresh chance khổng lồ show a new side khổng lồ his artistry, it's clear that Young is loosening his grip, slightly.

"Not Yet" is an easy, pop-country vocal built for radio success và to add energy khổng lồ his live show. It checks all the boxes.

Justin Ebach and Kelly Archer helped Young write "Not Yet," và Dann Huff returns to produce. The team leans into the feel-good nature of the story with vocal accents and embellishments, plus a few building guitar lines.

"You, ooh-ooh, still got a lotta drivin' me wild left" is the song's signature lyric, not for what it says but how he says it. That callbaông chồng is what's new about this chapter in his career.

Did You Know?: Brett Young is riding a streak of six straight No. 1 hits since his debut single, "Sleep Without You," peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

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Brett Young, "Not Yet" Lyrics:

I know the stars are gonna leave us the later it gets / I know the moon is gonna disappear into the west / I know the sun is gonmãng cầu come và steal your silhouette / But not yet, no, not yet ...


'Cause you still got a lotta kisses left on your lips / Yeah, you still got a lotta time to lớn take away my breath / You, ooh-ooh, still got a lotta drivin' me wild left / With that smile, with those eyes, I ain't done lovin' you tonight / Not yet, not yet ...

We'll find the bottom of the bottle eventually / And we're gonna run out of excuses to lớn not go to lớn sleep / And I wanna hold you while you're driftin' off lớn dream / But not yet, no, not yet ...

Repeat Chorus

We still got some memories left lớn make / Before tonight turns inkhổng lồ yesterday ...

Repeat Chorus

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