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Học những từ bạn phải giao tiếp một phương pháp đầy niềm tin.

If you want a private conversation with her you"ll have to lớn choose your moment (= find a suitable time).

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If you vị something for the moment, you are doing it now, but might vì something different in the future:
The text"s moments of incoherence and disruption produce an architecture of massive sầu and stable blocks.
He does not, however, enjoy such power during the moments when he meets personification figures face-to-face for the first time.
Joint attention refers lớn those moments in which infant and caregiver are focused on the same objects or events.
During moments of ađáng yêu royal weakness they tried to re-establish their influence, but as a political force they were clearly in decline.
Over and over again, in the vital moments of the play, it is stated explicitly that language has failed.
What matters in architects" writings - as in their kiến thiết work - are those moments when we sense that we are overhearing a conversation.
The parameters d & n denote two moments of time relative sầu lớn the time of the initial paddle movement.
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Các trường đoản cú hay được sử dụng cùng rất moment.

I imagine all of us who are concerned have sầu been giving anxious moments of thought as khổng lồ what can be done.
Nor is it defined by its ability to present visual stimuli for a brief moment or lớn facilitate reaction time measurement.
Những ví dụ này trường đoản cú English Corpus và từ bỏ các nguồn bên trên website. Tất cả đầy đủ chủ ý trong những ví dụ ko miêu tả ý kiến của những biên tập viên hoặc của University Press xuất xắc của bạn cấp giấy phép.




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