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‘tiramisu, literally translated “piông xã me up.”’‘Darsana literally means view, in the sense of having a cognitive sầu sight of something.’‘One wonders if he knows where the bodies are buried, perhaps quite literally.’‘The ground on which the match is being played is, literally, next door lớn his mansion.’‘What worries me is that these guys are going khổng lồ run into problems literally the first day out.’‘I"ll be staying with villagers who live with landmines literally on their doorsteps.’‘In some bizarre animator"s joke, they were literally suspended, all hung in the air in a big room.’‘A key point is that space should be owned và supervised, literally and metaphorically.’‘The art of edging is khổng lồ literally tip your skis sideways allowing the edge lớn cut inkhổng lồ the snow.’‘The event was literally hot with a fire dancer welcoming everybody with a puff of fire.’‘Several huge branches were quite literally held in place by lengths of rope.’‘The nuances, exaggerations & pretences of conversation can be taken literally.’‘As soon as I heard the crash I looked up and he literally came through the roof.’‘Police in Bradford are helping khổng lồ show the way to lớn other forces by proving literally that crime does not pay.’‘The couple met three years ago when they literally bumped inkhổng lồ each other at a Hampton Court funfair.’‘Here is, literally, a national platsize for a politician who aspires khổng lồ be a national leader.’‘Every Zulu thrust was repulsed by soldiers literally fighting for their lives.’‘Bulbs were literally worth their weight in gold and the Dutch economy was in serious risk of collapse.’‘According to lớn his ex-wife, he literally ran away a number of times during their marriage.’‘We kept hyên there for twenty more minutes, và when he had lớn leave we literally followed hyên to lớn the door of his xe taxi cab.’‘Of course the house was still standing after Bruce"s encore so it didn"t literally come down.’

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1.1informal Used for emphasis or lớn express svào feeling while not being literally true.
‘I was literally blown away by the response I got’‘There are literally thousands of techniques you can use, & it all depends on what rings true for you.’‘This has brought us inlớn liên hệ with literally thousands who think as we vị.’‘On any given day there are literally thousands of people trying khổng lồ kick the smoking habit.’‘It is not surprising that she is, literally, the most prized journadanh mục in America today.’‘Two ushers had lớn literally piông xã the guy up out of his chair & drag hyên ổn out.’‘So what else did he vì chưng but literally pick me up và sat in the oto with me practically sitting on hlặng.’‘Know that there are literally millions around the world who are with you in this moment.’‘Just as the strings literally reach orgasm, what vày I hear from the other sofa?’‘I have sầu spent literally hours on search engines, as have sầu friends, và friends of friends.’‘That first weekover I literally locked myself in my room, sleepless & without eating.’‘In Milan I literally had to work my socks off to lớn get on lớn a train to lớn Paris.’‘The last federal election came down to literally a handful of votes in some ridings.’‘We can buy fresh lettuce, literally straight out of the ground, for nine pence.’‘Dinner, which comes in menus of up to eight superb courses, literally frolics on your tongue.’‘When he returned khổng lồ York after the war he had a business plan which literally revolved around the motor oto.’‘I literally park there for five minutes while I walk my girls khổng lồ the school gates và collect them.’‘To provide that cấp độ of service we would be talking about spending literally millions of pounds.’‘I literally don"t know what the next sentence is, which is probably why my books are the way they are.’‘He has literally put blood, sweat và tears into earning a living for his family, but it goes with the turf.’‘He had literally turned my own sentence upon me và made me look an idiot.’

In its standard use, literally means ‘in a literal sense, as opposed to lớn a nonliteral or exaggerated sense’: I told hlặng I never wanted to see hlặng again, but I didn"t expect him lớn take it literally. In recent years, an extended use of literally (& also literal) has become very common, where literally (or literal) is used deliberately in nonliteral contexts, for added effect: they bought the car và literally ran it inlớn the ground. This use can lead khổng lồ unintentional humorous effects (we were literally killing ourselves laughing) and is not acceptable in formal English