Keep Going

A bestselling guide to lớn staying creative sầu in good times và bad. Get a signed copy.

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About the book

The world is crazy. Creative work is hard. How bởi you keep going?

In my previous books — the Thủ đô New York Times bestsellers Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work! — I showed readers how to steal their way lớn a more creative sầu life và then mô tả their creativity khổng lồ get discovered. In Keep Going, I show you 10 ways lớn stay creative sầu, focused, and true to yourself:

1. Every day is Groundhog Day.2. Build a bliss station.3. Forget the noun, do the verb.4. Make gifts.5. The ordinary + extra attention = the extraordinary6. Slay the art monsters.7. You’re allowed to lớn change your mind.8. When in doubt, tidy up.9. Demons hate fresh air.10. Plant your garden.

Whether you’re burned out, starting out, starting over, or wildly successful, Keep Going will help you stay on the path to more creative sầu work.

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Publishers Weekly Bestseller#1 Bestseller

“Anyone living any sort of creative life needs this pep talk on their bookshelf.”—Bookpage

“Austin Kleon is a constant rainbow amidst gloomy Internet clouds. I open his weekly newsletter every single week… because it’s a neverending cornucopia of creative sầu delights & inspirations that keeps my thinking fresh. If you liked his mega-hit Steal Like An Artist or books that push and motivate you like Brave Enough or The War of Art, then you will love sầu this thoughtful, mind-expanding, idea-filled romp. Yes, romp. You will read this … và you will romp.”—Neil Pasricha, author of The Happiness Equation

“Really, really wonderful. It has been a balm và an encouragement to lớn me.”—Alan Jacobs, author of How To Think

“Following up a successful series is really hard, especially a quái dị hit like Steal Like An Artist…but Austin not only does that here, he crushes it. This book is so good & so perfect for the moment, whether you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, a parent or a movie producer. There are so many strategies for pushing through despair, chaos or that looming sense that the world is falling khổng lồ pieces around us. Austin doesn’t promise any magical solutions but he does think that all of us sitting down và getting to work—making good stuff—can add up in a big way. I think he’s right and I really loved this book.”—Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is the Way

“Austin Kleon might be one of the most optimistic and motivating people on earth.”—Omnivoracious

“Zine-lượt thích in appearance, jumbling together comics, poetry, & artistic advice. The homemade aesthetic và Kleon’s sense of humor help these books transckết thúc the self-help genre that they’re nominally filed under. Kleon’s new book, Keep Going, is especially potent, the kind of book that desperately needed to lớn be written right now. Its starting point is the dilemma that a lot of people are facing: how vày we keep making art in a world that just keeps getting messier, & what role does creativity play during anxious times?”—Art Levy, KUTX

“Inspiration for how khổng lồ keep making art in an artless time…”—Clayton Cubitt, photographer & filmmaker

“Austin Kleon’s books always arrive like an unusually pleasant day in early spring… <Keep Going> is a call, so sorely needed today, for ‘less despair’ and ‘more repair,’ & that is exactly what it offers.”—800 CEO Read

“This is a no-holds-barred approach to hanging tight with the mindmix và habits we all need for an inspired life. A long line of creatives, like John Waters, Ralph Walvị Emerson, C.S. Lewis, và Wendell Berry, are quoted here, và if these alone don’t move you along, any of the practices in this sweet little book surely will. Perfect for gifting.”—Nancy Scheemaker, Northshire Bookstore, Saratoga Springs, NY

“If you are interested in maintaining a creative life, or if you’re looking for a short, practical but enjoyable primer on how lớn stay productive sầu in your life, take a look at Keep Going.”—The Amazon Book Review

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