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Source: Clevel& Plain-Dealer

The two brothers started making videos as children after their father gave sầu them a đoạn phim camera one year for Christmas.

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Jake Paul, left, và Logan Paul. zz/GOTPAP/STAR MAX/IPx

Jake, who was 10 at the time, said he & his brother would film "comedic bits" around the house.

"We were posting them khổng lồ YouTube and just generally having a good time, và the people at school thought we were funny," he told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer in năm 2016.

As a sophomore in high school, Jake Paul joined the wrestling team. He got "really serious" about it, & đoạn Clip making with his brother took a back seat.


Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Republic Records

Source: Clevelvà Plain-Dealer

However, that changed when the video-sharing ứng dụng Vine came out in 2012.


Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Lionsgate trang chủ Entertainment/AP. Images

Paul said he downloaded it "the first day it came out," & he gradually rose in popularity on the tiện ích. By the time Vine shut down in early 2017, Paul had 5.3 million followers and nearly 2 billion video plays.

Source: Insider, Cleveland Plain-Dealer

"We didn't care what people thought. We were the loud brothers from Clevelvà, kind of crazy, & that made us relatable," Paul said in a 2016 interview. "We were in the right place at the right time, and we were making more money than our parents before we knew it."

From left: Jake Paul; the Pauls' mother, Pamela Stepnick; and Logan Paul. zz/GOTPAP/STAR MAX/IPx

Source: Clevel& Plain-Dealer

When it came time for his senior year of high school, the younger Paul brother decided to finish his diploma online và move sầu lớn Los Angeles with his older brother.

Jake Paul, left, & Logan Paul. Jordan Strauss/Invision/Associated Press, Richard Shotwell/Invision/Associated Press

"We knew we had to move to lớn Los Angeles if we wanted to lớn pursue this as a full-time thing," Jake Paul said. "We immediately started taking acting & improv classes và making connections, while still doing the video thing."

Source: Clevelvà Plain-Dealer

Paul's first film role came thanks to YouTube: He was cast in "Dance Camp," a movie the platform debuted on its paid streaming subscription service, YouTube Red.

Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP

He also scored small roles in films lượt thích "Mono" & "Airplane Mode," in which his brother was the main character.

Source: Mashable, Clevel& Plain-Dealer

Paul entered the mainstream when he was cast in năm ngoái as the main character in a Disney Channel show called "Bizaardvark."

Ron Tom/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Paul said his character, Dirk Mann, was "a perfect fit" for hlặng. In the show, Dirk was an online video clip star that hosted a channel where he performed crazy stunts và challenges.

Source: Clevelvà Plain-Dealer

As his acting career took off, Paul formed Team 10, a group of social media influencers that he essentially took under his wing to lớn make nội dung with và groom into lớn even bigger stars.

Some of Team 10's earliest members. Jake Paul/YouTube

The earliest members of Team 10 members included social media stars lượt thích Alissa Violet, và Lucas and Marcus Dobre. Team 10 moved inlớn an $18,000-a-month rented house in Los Angeles" Beverly Grove sầu neighborhood in August 2016.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Alongside acting, Paul continued lớn create content on YouTube, where his channel now has over 20 million subscribers.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/Associated Press

His channel hosts videos of over-the-top stunts, wild vlogs, & Jackass-style challenges.

One of his earliest attention-grabbing stunts took place when he was invited lớn the Nhà Trắng in January 2017 for a social truyền thông media sự kiện, along with other online stars.

Jake Paul/YouTube

Paul proceeded khổng lồ sneak away from the crowd, hideout for hours in the Nhà Trắng bathroom, và sneak out in the middle of the night without being caught by security.

Source: The Sun

That same month, on his 20th birthday, Paul officially unveiled TeamDom, a creative sầu talent agency aimed at helping influencers grow their audience & secure brvà giao dịch.

Matt Sayles/Invision for the California Fire Foundation/AP.. Images

Paul announced TeamDom had raised $1 million in venture capital, và Team 10 as the agency"s talent roster.

Source: TechCrunch

It didn't take long before Team 10 started lớn get more attention — but not the positive sầu kind.

Jake Paul/YouTube

Team 10 member Alissa Violet was kicked out of the squad"s house in early 2017 after Paul publicly accused her of cheating on him, và a feud between the former couple ensued across social media.

Source: Seventeen

In July 2017, neighbors living around the Team 10 house complained that Paul had turned their quiet community inkhổng lồ a "living hell" & "war zone," and that it was frequently invaded by screaming teenage fans because Paul publicized his address online.

Jake Paul on KTLA. KTLA

Source: KTLA

Neighbors were debating whether lớn tệp tin a class-action public nuisance lawsuit against hlặng, but Paul & Team 10 had moved out of the neighborhood and into lớn a new trang chính in Calabasas by October 2017 (pictured below).

The house that Team 10 moved into in October 2017. Jake Paul/YouTube

That didn"t stop the landlord of the former Team 10 house from filing a $2.5 million lawsuit against the YouTuber in 2018 for allegedly trashing the rented house.

Source: KTLA, Tubefilter

Paul felt the fallout from the incident with the Team 10 house & its neighbors. Disney announced that Paul would not return to his role on "Bizaardvark" for the second season.

Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

"At this point in time I am wanting to lớn focus more on my personal br&, my YouTube channel, business ventures, growing Team 10, & working on more adult acting roles," Paul wrote on Twitter.

Source: Variety

Beyond Team 10, Paul has also ventured into music & has released a flurry of songs over the years. One the music videos for his tuy vậy called "It's Everyday Bro" is the third-most-disliked đoạn phim on YouTube, with over 4.4 million thumbs downvotes.

A scene from Paul's "It's Everyday Bro" music đoạn phim. Jake Paul/YouTube

Source: Business Insider

Paul's music has also been a source of controversy.


In a video leaked in January 2018, Paul dropped the n-word twice while freestyle rapping. A source told TMZ at the time that Paul had "matured a lot" since the đoạn Clip was recorded.

Source: TMZ

Around this time, Paul started dating YouTuber và model Erika Costell.

gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Costell was briefly Team 10"s chief operating officer after the former COO left in May 2018. The couple broke up at the over of 2018, và Costell also departed from Team 10.

Source: Crunchbase, Famous Birthdays

Team 10 is no longer the influencer collective it once was.

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Taylor Jewell/Invision/APhường

Over the years, members have sầu come & gone amid controversial management, relationships, and drama. Two transgender YouTubers said they were kicked out of the Team 10 house after a đoạn Clip editor told them they weren"t "real girls."

The YouTube channel & Instagram page for Team 10 have sầu not been active since September 2019. The group"s Instagram bio reads: "who will leave sầu next? stay tuned!!!!!!!"

Paul drew negative sầu attention in 2019 for actions both on và off of YouTube.

Shane Dawson/YouTube

Paul was criticized for advertising "mystery boxes" on his channel derided as scams, and was reportedly the subject of a police investigation related to allegations that a woman was drugged at a buổi tiệc nhỏ held at Paul"s Team 10 house in May 2019.

Source: Insider, Business Insider

In 2019, fans followed Paul along his wild ride of a relationship with fellow YouTuber, Tamãng cầu Mongeau.

Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul. gotpap/STAR MAX/IPx

The couple started dating in May 2019 in what many speculated was a joke. The couple maintained that their love was real.

Source: Insider

The following month, Paul proposed to lớn Mongeau on her 21st birthday. He also bought her a car worth more than $120,000 khổng lồ celebrate.

Presley Ann/Getty Images for Fashion Nova

The sudden engagement sparked even further rumors that the relationship was inauthentic.

Source: Business Insider

Paul and Mongeau got married in July 2019 in a Las Vegas wedding that reportedly cost $500,000.

Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Sugar Factory

Photos of the wedding showed Paul, Mongeau, & their friends flying in on a private jet, a brawl breaking out seconds after the couple was pronounced husb& and wife, and Paul cutting the wedding cake with a "trò chơi of Thrones" replica sword.

Source: Business Insider

It's since come out that Paul & Mongeau's marriage isn't legally binding on paper, but they insisted that the love sầu between them was real. Paul later revealed that the couple was "open."

Denise Truscello/WireImage

"Any wedding I have sầu, if I have sầu three more f---ing weddings, I really wouldn"t want lớn bởi it on paper because I think that legally binding yourself lớn someone takes away the love," Mongeau said.

Mongeau released a YouTube đoạn phim on December 29 where she hinted that her and Paul's relationship had gone downhill since their wedding night — which she called "just hell."

Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Sugar Factory

Days later, the couple announced they were "taking a break" from their relationship "to lớn focus on our own very crazy lives." In an Instagram post, Paul wrote: "This is bitter sweet but it"s what"s best for us right now."

The two remain cthất bại friends.

Source: Insider

Paul has continued khổng lồ fight in boxing matches.

Jake Paul celebrates after winning his boxing pro debut on January 30, 2020, as part of Matchroom Boxing & DAZN Miangươi Fight Night at the Meridian in Miangươi, Floridomain authority. Rich Graessle/Ibé Sportswire via Getty Images

Paul, who wrestled in high school, has followed in his older brother"s footsteps by participating in various boxing boxes. He is currently preparing for a match against Nate Robinson, a former NBA player, in September.

Paul was charged in May with unlawful assembly & trespassing after video showed hlặng at a mall that was being looted & vandalized in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jake Paul enters the ring on January 30, 20đôi mươi at the Meridian in Miangươi, Floridomain authority. Rich Graessle/Inhỏ Sportswire via Getty Images

In May, Paul was charged with criminal trespassing và unlawful assembly after he and his videographer Andrew Blue had both posted footage on Instagram that showed chaos and vandalism at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall in Arizona.

Paul denied the allegations on Twitter.

"For context, we spent the day doing our part to lớn peacefully prochạy thử one of the most horrid injustices our country has ever seen, which led us khổng lồ being tear-gassed for filming the events và brutality that were unfolding in Arizomãng cầu," he said in a May 31 tweet.

Paul came under fire for partying during the COVID-19 pandemic — and even drew ire from the thành phố of Calabasas' mayor.


As cases of the novel coronavi khuẩn continued khổng lồ spike throughout Los Angeles, many influencers và creators — including Paul himself — continued lớn tiệc nhỏ và flout social-distancing guidelines.

Paul hosted a day-long buổi tiệc nhỏ at his Calabasas trang chủ in July as he filmed a new music video. Guests of the massive sầu buổi tiệc nhỏ documented their day on Instagram, showing many of them without face coverings both inside and outside of the home. Bryce Hall, Mongeau, and Arman "Armani" Izadi were amuốn the guests.

Calabasas Mayor Alicia Weintraub told local Fox affiliate network Fox 11 that she was outraged by the sự kiện. "They"re having this large các buổi party, no social distancing, no masks, it"s just a big, huge disregard for everything that everytoàn thân is trying lớn bởi vì khổng lồ get things back to functioning," she said.

In an interview with Insider, Paul said he wasn't sure if he would give up partying during the pandemic.

Jake Paul/YouTube

After his buổi tiệc nhỏ stirred up controversy, Paul told Insider"s Kat Tenbarge in a phone gọi on July 31 that "everything is cool" with the Calabasas mayor.

"I don"t know what to think of it, to be honest. I don"t think anyone really does," Paul said of the pandemic. "No one has answers, our leadership is failing us, & everyone kind of just doesn"t know what to bởi vì. But I personally am not the type of person who"s gonmãng cầu sit around & not live my life."

On Aug. 5, Paul's Calabasas mansion was searched by the FBI as part of an ongoing investigation related to the Scottsdale mall incident, a spokesperson for the agency's Phoenix field office told Insider.

The search was an execution of a federal tìm kiếm warrant. Los Angeles Sheriff"s Department officers assisted the FBI"s search, a spokesperson said, transporting several guns from the property. The FBI could not bình luận on whether the guns were being used as evidence in the investigation because of the sealed affidavit.

Agents in Las Vegas also searched the mansion of 'Armani' Izadi, Paul's longtime friover & collaborator who also officiated his faux wedding with Mongeau in 2019.

Arman Izadi và Jake Paul on July 28, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada; Arman Izadi poses in front of his Las Vegas home. Denise Truscello/WireImage via Getty Images; izadi/Instagram

Soon after the raid on his home, Izadi posted Instagram story videos with several bikini-clad women at the hot-pink mansion.

Izadi is an accused pimp who has pleaded guilty to lớn attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, The Daily Beast reported in 2018.

In 2013, Izadi was indicted on trăng tròn counts of pimping, robbery, battery, & kidnapping. Investigators described a "prostitution ring" that Izadi would lure women into lớn under false pretenses. "Izadi lured women to lớn his prostitution ring with promises of immense wealth, his companionship, and most of all, his protection," the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in 2013after reviewing police records.

Izadi took a plea khuyến mãi, pleading guilty to lớn one count of pandering, the legal term for pimping, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

In an interview with theYouTube drama reporter Daniel Keem (a.k.a. Keemstar), Adam Quinn, a former manager of Izadi and Paul"s YouTuber collective Team 10, said that he left his job because of Izadi"s allegedly nefarious behavior.