Lucky Patcher is an application that supports extremely powerful MOD with many functions that allow deep intervention inkhổng lồ the system khổng lồ be able to lớn haông xã in-tiện ích, remove sầu annoying ads, create backup backups, remove authentication sign APK …

In addition, using the lachạy thử Lucky Patcher APK version can help you make your own favorite MOD games with just a few simple steps. In this article, I will guide you how to lớn MOD games or applications with the Custom Patch feature available in Lucky Patcher.

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Custom Patch can only be applied lớn certain games or applications, not all apps are applicable.Old patch versions may not workRequires Root
Table of contentsHow to lớn use the Custom Patch feature

How khổng lồ determine which game / tiện ích can apply Custom Patch

By starting Lucky Patcher, you will see a các mục of all installed applications that appear on the screen. Applications or games can apply a Custom Patch that is highlighted in yellow & has the words “Custom patch available” below.


How to lớn use the Custom Patch feature

After you have determined that the application can apply Custom Patch, you can follow these steps to MOD:

Step 1: xuất hiện the game / app

This feature is based on editing game data stored on the memory, so you will have sầu lớn open the game first in order for the data lớn be written to the phone memory.

After opening the game/ứng dụng, you need khổng lồ cthua trận the application.


Step 2: Start the Custom Patch feature

To start Custom Patch, from the Lucky Patcher interface, cliông xã on the application that needs MOD -> Menu of Patches.


In the thực đơn, select Custom Patch.

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Step 3: Apply the patch

Each game/application can have sầu 1 or more different patches. Depending on the MOD needs you can choose.

Here I choose the MOD Money patch for Temple Run 2.


After selecting the patch, press Patch.

The application will ask again, select Apply.


Lucky Patcher successfully reported:


Step 4: Open the game and check the results


After I applied the Custom Patch, I had a lot of money và diamonds in Temple Run 2.