High intelligent machines can be automated to operate without human ____

Tất cảToánVật lýHóa họcSinh họcNgữ vănTiếng anhLịch sửĐịa lýTin họcCông nghệGiáo dục công dânTiếng anh thí điểmĐạo đứcTự nhiên với xã hộiKhoa họcLịch sử cùng Địa lýTiếng việtKhoa học tự nhiênHoạt cồn trải nghiệm, phía nghiệpHoạt hễ trải nghiệm sáng sủa tạoÂm nhạcMỹ thuật

Question 21: High intelligent machines can be automated to lớn operate without human

intervene B. Intervening


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 intervention D. interventionist

Question 22: According to lớn futurist Ray Kurzweil human will be unavoidably transformed in the year 2045 by an sự kiện that he call The Singularity.

A. Civics B. Civilization C. Cavils D. Civilians

Question 23: One of the popular used in smartphones at present is voice recognition.

A. Applicant B. Applicable C. applications D. Apply

Question 24: Due lớn advances in computer vision, artificial intelligence & cloud robots are now capable of performing advanced tasks và operating in challenging environments.

A. Computation B. Computing C. computer D. Computerize

Question 25: Most scientists believe that the day when robots become a part of our lives will come





C. sooner or later D. later than never

Question 26: will be one of the vi xử lý core drivers creating the next wave of technology.

A. Robotics B. Robot C. Robotic D. Robots

Question 27: FM is a method of signals, especially in radio broadcasting.

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A. transacting B. transferring C. transmitting D. translating

Question 28: Researchers have to the conclusion that your personality is affected by your genes.

A. arrived B. come C. got D. reached

Question 29: It is likely that artificial intelligence might decide to an kết thúc to humanity simply because it surpasses human intelligence.

A. come B. Make C. put D. Take

Question 30: Robots are also used in all applications outside of manufacturing including warehousing, healthcare, agriculture, construction, security và public safety.