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Hi, I am Thu Trang. I am from bầu Binh province. I completed my bachelor degree from Hanoi University of Science và Technology in 2018. I love playing basketball & have represented my university in many competitions. My active participation in sports & professional competitions has taught me many skills. I am also an active thành viên of my school alumni club và take initiative in organizing alumni meets. I have a fascination for languages, so I am learning the Japanese language. Thanks for your listening và hope we will have a good time together.

Hello everyone. My name is Thuy Linh. I am a girl of twelve. When I look at myself in the mirror I see a blond girl with long straight hair, đen eyes. As to my appearance, I’m not tall and slim. I have never thought I’m a beautiful girl, I wish I were more beautiful day by day. I think that I’m even tempered, rather reserved, calm and self-effacing. But sometimes I can thua kém my calm và become either angry or sad.

I like staying alone and occasionally I retreat into my shell. But at the same time I lượt thích my friends, I lượt thích to laugh và joke with them because I have got a sense of humour. It means I understand humour và appreciate it. It is very nice lớn meet all of you today.

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I’m Mai Linh. I’m 28 years old và I’m single. I was born & grew up in Ha Noi, but I have been working in tp hcm City for 5 years. I graduated from the University of Economics và got 4 years of experience in Administration andHumanResourceManagement. I’m anactiveperson who enjoyworkingin the fieldsrelated lớn human beings. I’m rather serious & sensitive,soI can quickly catch up withthe psychology of other people. I often read newspapers & listen to music in my không lấy phí time.

Hello everyone. This year I am 14 years old, I live in Dong Da, Hanoi.Now, I am studying ........ At school I have a lot of friends, they are all docile and lovely. Everyone says that I am a very active and energetic child so they love me so much. My favorite subject is Physics and English. My hobbies are cooking & reading books.Some of the favorite books are science fiction, detective, history và art. In my spare time, I also take an online piano course.

My name is Lyz. I’m 22 years old and I’m single. I live in Ho chi Minh thành phố andhave just graduated fromXuniversity in August with the major inAccounting. I’vegot 3 months experience as an intern at A company. I lượt thích reading books and cooking. I’m a careful & hard-working person. I’m eager lớn learn new things and willing khổng lồ work in team. Ieasily adapt to new working environment & take initiative in work.
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