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Giáo án môn tiếng Anh lớp 7 Global Success cả năm - Trọn cỗ kế hoạch bài bác dạy tiếng Anh 7 trong nội dung bài viết sau đây sẽ là tài liệu tham khảo hữu dụng cho những thầy thầy giáo khi soạn giáo án môn tiếng Anh lớp 7 theo chương trình giáo dục phổ thông mới. Sau đó là nội dung chi tiết giáo án giờ đồng hồ Anh 7 file word, mời những thầy cô cùng xem thêm để chuẩn bị cho năm học new 2022-2023.

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I. OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson students will be able khổng lồ gain the following things:

1. Knowledge:

- to introduce new Tieng Anh 7 textbooks. Student’s book và Workbook

- Tell students something about Great Britain; England & English. Students learn how lớn study English well & know the way lớn learn English.

*Vocabulary: Use lexical items related khổng lồ text book, và the way to lớn learn English in class; at home... Some classroom languages.

* Grammar : lớn be; present simple tense; present continuous…

2. Competence: Students will be able khổng lồ know how to lớn study English effectively và how to lớn use new Tieng Anh 7 textbooks and know the methods to lớn study new Tieng Anh 7 textbooks.

- Be collaborative & supportive in pair work và teamwork.

- Actively join in class activities

3.Qualities: khổng lồ teach Ss the love of English; The awareness about importance of learning English. Developing self-study skills.


- Teacher: Grade 7 text book, laptop, projector / TV/ pictures and cards.....

- Students : Text books, studying equipment….

- Computer connected lớn the Internet.

- Sach




- lớn create a friendly và atmosphere in the class before the lesson;

- lớn give T and Ss a chance to introduce themselves;

- to lead into the unit

* Content: Have some warm-up activities to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to inspire Ss khổng lồ warm up khổng lồ the new class.

* Outcome: Having a chance lớn speak English và focus on the topic of the lesson..

* Organisation: Teacher’s instructions…

Teacher’s & Student’s activities


+ Greeting

+ Chatting

- Teacher (T) introduces himself/ herself

- T may introduce some warm-up activities khổng lồ creat a friendly và relaxed atmosphere khổng lồ inspire Ss to lớn warm up khổng lồ the new class…

- Have Ss to lớn introduce themselves.

- T encourages Ss to talk in English as much as possible

+ Lead to the first unit of the new school year.

- Write the unit title on the board & ask Ss guest what they are going lớn learn this unit …

- Ask Ss to mở cửa their book và introduce what they are going khổng lồ study….

+ Greeting

+ Chatting. T_Ss

- Students (Ss) listen & learn how to lớn introduce themselves.

- Introduce themselves (name; age; address; likes; dislikes ….friends… )

+ Students (Ss) listen & learn how to vày the tasks.

- Answer the teacher’s questions

- mở cửa their book & write .

2. NEW LESSON (12’-15’)


Aims: - khổng lồ set the context for the introductory;

- to lớn introduce the topic of the unit, the vocabulary, and the grammar points to be learned.

* Content: Some brief notes; Something about England, English . Introduce New Tieng Anh 7

* Outcome: Ss learn something about England, English; Learn how to use New Tieng Anh 7

* Organisation: Teacher’s instructions….

Teacher’s và Student’s activities


1. T. Asks sts some questions about England.

- What vì chưng you know about England?

- T. Gives sts something about England và English.

- It located in North-west coast of Europe with very mild weather not too hot but not too cold.

- It consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland và Ireland.

- It’s official name is the UK

- Each part has its own flag of UK.

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2. English:

- How many people speak English as their mother tongue?

- How many people speak English as their first language?

- How many people speak English as their second language or first foreign language?

- Why vày you learn English?

- Is it important? Difficult? Useful? Interesting?

=> It’s very important, useful, interesting. It is the means of communication to lớn one another.

3/ New English 7 text book:

- How many units are there in English 6 text book?

- What are they about?

There are 12 main units in the Student"s Book. Each unit has seven sections & provides language đầu vào for seven classroom lessons of 45 minutes each...At the beginning of each unit, there are explicit learning objectives that clearly state the main language points & skills to lớn be taught in the unit.

- Section 1 : GETTING STARTED.

It begins with a conversation followed by activities which introduce the topic of the unit. It then presents the vocabulary & the grammar items lớn be learned & practised through the skills and activities of the unit.

- Section 2 : A CLOSER LOOK 1 .

This section presents và practises the vocabulary and pronunciation of the unit. The active vocabulary of the unit is given in an interesting và illustrated way so that it is easy for students to memorise. Two sounds, which appear frequently in the unit, are given and practised in isolation & in context. Găng pattern of two-syllable words, three-syllable words, và rising & falling intonation for questions are also dealt with in the last units of the book. There are different exercises focusing on intensive practice of vocabulary and pronunciation.

- Section 3 : A CLOSER LOOK 2 .

This section deals with the main grammar point(s) of the unit. The new language point(s) taught in this section is / are already introduced in Getting Started. The exercises are well illustrated khổng lồ help students remember & use the grammar items effectively. The Remember! boxes appear wherever necessary to give the rules or explanations and help students avoid common errors.


This section is designed to help students use functional language in real life contexts & consolidate what they have learnt in the previous sections. It also gives students opportunities lớn learn và apply the cultural aspects of the language learnt to lớn their lives và provides cultural information about Viet Nam and other countries.

Everyday English in this section gives students the skills khổng lồ communicate effectively in various everyday situations...

- T_Ss

- Listen carefully and read aloud.

- Fulfill teacher’s requirements

- Give the answers

- Ss answer if possible

- Listen carefully và read aloud.

- Find out the words related to lớn the topic.

- There are many interesting things of England và you’ll gradually know about them in the progress of learning English.

2/ Introduction: English is an international language. Hundreds of million people speak English in the world. 400 million people speak English as their first language, 600 million people speak English as their second language or first foreign language. 4/5 of the world’s computers use program in English. ¾ of all international correspondence is in English.

3/ English 6 has 12 Units.

- T_Ss

- Each unit has 7 lessons.

- Section 5 : SKILL 1 . READING và SPEAKING. Reading

This section aims to lớn develop students" reading abilities. The reading text is often based on the vocabulary & structures that students have previously acquired khổng lồ make the activity achievable..


This section aims to lớn provide further practice to tư vấn students in their spoken English....

- Section 6 : SKILL 2: LISTENING and WRITING.


The listening activity follows the oral practice in the Speaking section. It provides students with an opportunity lớn listen lớn the language that they have practised orally, và trains them to lớn listen for general and specific information.


This section focuses on developing students"writing skills. It normally involves one of the text types required for students" skill development.


Looking Back recycles the language from the previous sections and liên kết it with the unit topic. Its activities & exercises are designed lớn help students consolidate & apply what they have learnt in the unit. Teachers can use this section lớn evaluate their students" performance & provide further practice if necessary.

The Project activity helps students improve their ability khổng lồ work independently và in a team. It extends their imagination in a field related lớn the unit topic.

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