Giáo án tiếng anh 11 cơ bản xin gửi tới quý thầy thầy giáo bộGiáo án môn tiếng Anh lớp 11(Ban cơ bản).

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Giáo án được biên soạn chi tiết chuẩn con kiến thức tài năng của cỗ GD&ĐT.Nội dung giáo án bao hàm tất cả những tiết dạy và những bài học tập của môn giờ Anhlớp 11nhằm giúp các thầy cô thuận lợi truyền mua nội dung bài học đến những em học tập sinh. Hi vọng rằng, tài liệu này vẫn giúpthầy côcó thêm ý tưởng để kiến thiết bài giảng hay hơn để giao hàng cho công tác giảng dạy của mình. Sau đây là nội dung đưa ra tiết, mời quý thầy cô thuộc tham khảo!

SÔÛ GIAÙO DUÏC và ÑAØO TAÏO ÑOÀNG THAÙP TRÖÔØNG trung học phổ thông THOÁNG LINH GIAÙO AÙNTIEÁNG ANH 11 (CB) Bieân soạn: LEÂ NGOÏC THAÏCH Naêm hoïc 2008-2009Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comPeriod: UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIPDate: 1 Section: ReadingObjective: By the over of the lesson, Ss will get lớn know more about friend are friendship.Teaching aids: Textbook, lesson plan, pictures, posters.Procedures: T Stages & content T’s activities Ss’ activities 5’ I. WARMER: Word square - Explain the - Listen A H E A R T D game. F R I E N D E - Divide class - Play the trò chơi T I N I C E A into 2 groups. E S N E E D R - Start the trò chơi - Make a R I N D E E D - Control meaningful → a, heart, friend, in, need, indeed, nice, dear, is - Ask Ss to lớn make sentence after A friend in need is a friend indeed a sentence with → Introduction. These words 7’ II. PRE-READING * Vocabulary: - acquaintance (n) : ngöôøi quen - incapable of (a) : khoâng theå - Follow the - unselfishness (n) : vò tha steps for - Listen và - constancy (n) : kieân ñònh teaching voc. Answer. - loyalty (n) : phổ biến thuûy - Repeat. - sympathy (n) : söï thoâng caûm - Copy. - trust (n) : söï tin töôûng - suspicious (a) : coù söï nghi ngôø 5" Checking :ROR * Brainstorm : - set on the board. Qualities for friendship - Ask Ss for the answer. - Get feedback - Look at the III. WHILE-READING & check. Board. 4’ * Task 1 : Fill in the blanks - Answer. 1. Mutual 2. Incapable 3. Unselfish - Give posters 4. Acquaintance / friend 5. Give and take - Ask Ss to vày 6. Loyal to 7. Suspicious - kiểm tra and 10 * Task 2 : Answer the questions (LN) correct 1. What is the first quality for true friendship & what does - Give it tell you? instructions. - Work in 2. Why are changeable and uncertain people incapable of groups true friendship? - Ask Ss khổng lồ read - Answer 3. What is the third quality for true friendship & what does for the answer. It tell you? - Divide class 4. Why must there be a mutual trust between friends? - Listen. 5. Why can’t people who talk too much keep a friend long? - Start the trò chơi 6. What is the last unique for true friendship & what does - Read theDownload tài liệu học tập cùng ôn thi miễn mức giá tại: Trang 1 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) it tell you? - Control. Question. Answer 1. The first chất lượng for friendship is unselfish. It tells me hat a man who is concerned only with their own interests and feelings cannot be a true friend. - Play the game 2. Because they take up an interest with enthusiasm, but they are soon tired of it, and they feel the attraction of some new object. 3. The third chất lượng for friendship is loyalty. It tells me that the two friends must be loyal to lớn each other, & they must know each other so well that there can be no suspicious between them. 4. Because if not people cannot feel safe when telling the other their most intimate secrets. 5. Because they cannot keep a secret, either their own or those of others. 6. The last chất lượng for friendship is sympathy. It tells me that lớn be a true friend you must sympathize with your friend. Where there’s no mutual sympathy between friends, there’s no true friendship. - Ask Ss to bởi vì * Task 3 : Choose the main idea - kiểm tra and 3’ Conditions of true friendship correct IV. POST-READING : - Work in pairs. 10 to lớn have a friendship we should ...... / shouldn’t ... - Stick poster - Answer - be helpful - be too selfish - Ask Ss lớn write - borrow a lot of money - be talkative Should & - Look at - pay attention lớn your friend when he / she is in difficult shouldn’t - Write the situation - believe too much in rumours - check answer. - be faithful - ............ - Give the - Copy V. HOMEWORK : assignment 1’ - Learn the lesson và prepare the next period.Download tài liệu học tập và ôn thi miễn phí tại: Trang 2 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comPeriod: 2 UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIPDate: Section: SpeakingAim: Describe the physical characteristics of a personObjective: By the kết thúc of a lesson, ss will be able lớn talk about the physical characteristics of a person.Skills: Main skill: Speaking Sub skills: Listening, Reading, WritingProcedure: T Stages & content T’ activities Ss’ activities 5’ I.WARM UP: Kim’ trò chơi - Stick the poster - Look at the handsome sincere modest on the board board - Run through - Listen straight short oval square vocab - Play a trò chơi beautiful black pleasant - Give instructions broad good-looking - Control - Group work h i bl * Introduction: 10 II. PRE-SPEAKING 1. Vocabulary - crooked (a) - humorous (a) - Follow the steps - quick-witted (a) - good-natured (a) for teaching vocab - Follow the - studious (a) teacher’s * Checking: ROR instructions 2. Mix the scene about face ,hair ,height , forehead - Draw on the board -Ask ss to guess -Look at the the physical board characteristics -Work individually. 18 III.WHILE-SPEAKING * Task 1: Look at the people below & describe their Supply ss some physical characteristics (page 15) useful languages * Useful language: - Ask ss to lớn -Listen và height: tall medium, short… - face: square ,large ,oval … describe answer forehead: broad, hight,…. - Nose: straight, crooked ….. - Control - Copy Hair: black, grey…. -Work Appearance : handsome , beautiful ,good-looking individuallyDownload tài liệu học tập tập cùng ôn thi miễn mức giá tại: Trang 3 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) *Task 2: Number the following personalities in order of importance in friendship .Report your result lớn the class - Run through -Listen and do caring generous hospitable vocab the task honest modest helpful - Give instructions - Group work sincere understanding pleasant10 IV.POST-SPEAKING - Give Ss a * Task 3: Role play dialogue build Dialogue build - Ask them to lớn Journalist Interviewee make an Her / his name interviewee - Work in pairs ? - Go around for Date of birth ? help if necessary ? - call each pair lớn His/ her personalities report in front of ? (friendly, honest, the class helpful……) What made her successful ? ………………………………………………… - Summarize the - Listen and2’ V.HOMEWORK main points take lưu ý Learn the lesson Prepare section Listening - Give homeworkDownload tài liệu học tập cùng ôn thi miễn tổn phí tại: Trang 4 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comPeriod: 3 UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIPDate: Section: ListeningAim: Listening about Lan’s friendship and Long’s friendship.Objective: By the kết thúc of the lesson, Ss will be able khổng lồ listen the information about Lan’s friendshipand Long’s friendship.Teaching aids: Textbook, lesson plan, cassette player, tape, poster.Procedures: T Stages & content T’s activities Ss’ activities 5 I. WARMER : Matching A B - Show the poster - Look at apartment building yeâu phù hợp - Give clear instruction - Listen sense of humour xe gaén maùy - Model. Guitarist toaø nhaø - Ask Ss to match. - Go to lớn the board and favourite tình baïn - Check. Match. Motorbike tính haøi höôùc - Read & ask Ss to lớn - Listen & repeat. Around bao quanh repeat friendship ngöôøi chôi guita → Introduction. II. PRE-LISTENING 5’ * Ask và answer the questions : - Show the questions 1. Who is your best friend? - Ask Ss to ask & 2.How did you happen to lớn meet him or her answer - Work in pairs. 3. How long have you known each other? - Control 4. What qualities do you admire in your best - hotline 1 or 2 pairs to friend? speak loudly. III. WHILE-LISTENING - Listen. 7’ * Task 1 : Listen and decide T or F - Lead to Lan’s talk và 1.___ Ha & Lan nói qua an apartment in NCT Long’s talk. Residential Area in Hanoi. - Give instruction. - Listen. 2.___ Lan think hat nhị Phong people are - Ask Ss khổng lồ read the unfriendly. Statements in 2 minutes. 3. ___ Lan spent two days in vị Son. - Play the tape twice. - Read silently. 4.___ Ha took Lan to bởi Son on her motorbike. - Divide class and ask 5.___ Ha introduced Lan khổng lồ a number of her them lớn give the answer. Friends there. - Play the tape & - Listen 6.___ Ha and Lan have become friends since check. - Give the answer in Lan’s trip to vì Son. Teams. Key : 1-F, 2-F, 3-T, 4-F, 5-T, 6-F - Listen & check. 7’ * Task 2 : Listen và choose the answer - Show the poster. 1. M and L have been friends since ___ - Give instructions. A. School B. College C. Work D. Holiday - Play the tape twice. 2. Long was a ____. - Ask Ss to lớn give their A. Singer B. Guitarist answer. - Look at và read. C. Worker D. Football player - Play the tape again và - Listen. 3. Long loves Minh’s ____. Check. - Listen & choose. A. Loyalty B. Sympathy - Give the answer.Download tài liệu học tập và ôn thi miễn giá thành tại: Trang 5 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) C. Enthusiasm D. Sense of humour 4. Minh & Long like to go khổng lồ ____ . - Listen và check. A. Places and movies B. Plays and movies C. Plays và football matches D. Zoo và cinema Key : 1-B, 2-A, 3-D, 4-B 10 * Task 3 : Listen and write - Give instructions. How & where What they lượt thích about- Give posters. They meet their friend - Play the tape twice. Lan - Ask Ss lớn stick the posters on the board. - Listen. Long - Check. - Ask Ss khổng lồ practise - Work in groups. Speaking in pairs basing - Stick the poster. 10 IV. POST – LISTENING on the information Take turns to lớn talk about how Ha has been above. Lan’s best friend and how Minh has been - Go around for help. - Work in pairs. Long’s best friend. - hotline 1 or 2 Ss lớn report. - vì chưng the work. 1’ V. HOMEWORK - Report. - Prepare the next lesson : Writing - Give homework. - Copy.Download tài liệu học tập cùng ôn thi miễn phí tại: Trang 6 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comPeriod: 4 UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIPDate: Section: WritingAim: By the over of the lesson, students will be able khổng lồ write a short paragraph about your friend.Teaching aids: textbook, handouts, postersProcedures T Stages & content T’s activities Ss’ activities 7 I. WARM UP: Brainstorming - Explain ideas - Listen and - Ask Ss to lớn give words think - Give words address characteristics personal information age appearance Introduction - Lead lớn the lesson 10 II. PRE-WRITING * Vocabulary: - generous (a): - Introduce words on - Listen and - young (a): board follow - near (a): tall (a): - Give meanings Checking: ROR * Matching: Key - generous characteristics - Tick two lines on - Listen and - young age board and ask Ss to understand - near address match - Follow - tall appearance - Give key on board teacher’s steps 17 III. WHILE-WRITING - Listen và copy * Use the following ideas to lớn start writing: - Look và work 1) Your friend’s name, age, sex, address. In pairs 2) Describe her/him physical characteristics - Give word cues by - Copy down 3) Describe her/his personalities handouts. 4) Say what you like about her/him - Run through the 10 IV. POST-WRITING sentences * Choose four students to present their writing: - Ask Ss to lớn write - Follow on board - Go around for help teacher’s ideas Correcting - call four Ss khổng lồ present - Start writing - Correct mistakes on - Present writing on board. Board 1 V. HOMEWORK - Give bình luận - Correct - Write a short paragraph about your father. - Require the task at mistakes - Prepare next lesson, Lang Focus home Listen and copyDownload tài liệu học tập tập cùng ôn thi miễn mức giá tại: Trang 7 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comPeriod: 5 UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIPDate: Section: Language focusObjective: Ss can distinguish & pronounce two sounds /ʤ/ & /ʧ/ in single words và sentence. - Ss can đánh giá infinitive, bare infinitive and use them.Teaching aids: textbook, pictures.Procedures: T Stages & content T’s activities Ss’ activities 5’ I. WARMER - Asks Ss lớn look at the - Look at Show the Pictures on the blackboard pictures. + chair, children, chewing gum - What bởi vì you hotline in - Answer + Jacket, Jean, July English? Introduction 10 II. PRONUNCIATION /ʧ/ /ʤ/ - Ask Ss to lớn repeat lớn - Repeat Chain Jail introduce 2 sounds /ʤ/ & Choke Village /ʧ/ Cheek June - Ask Ss to lớn repeat - Repeat Beach July Peach Surgeon Rich Region Match Jerry 1. Listen & decide if the word belonging to /ʤ/ or /ʧ/ - Give Ss a handout lớn - Collect collect - kiểm tra Age, each, coach, college, chew, junk, jeans, - Asks Ss khổng lồ listen & - Repeat Joke, purchase, magic, tragic, butcher 28 2. Open their book (page 19). Listen and repeat check - Practise in pairs - Plays the cassette III.GRAMMAR & VOCBULARY - Helps Ss lớn correct 1. Infinitive: - What bởi you study English for? - Elicit - Answer - What vì you want to vày after school? - Introduce Infinitive lớn find a good - What bởi vì you vì chưng morning exercise for? - What bởi you use phone for? job… • After verbs : want, have, decide, buy, would khổng lồ be a teacher... Like, seem…….use “to Infinitive” lớn keep health... • Meaning :“To Infinitive” is used to lớn express a to liên hệ my purpose friend * Exercises 1:(page 20) - Take notes Key - Asks Ss to vì chưng 1. Who wants st lớn eat? - Correct 2. I have some letters lớn write 3. I am delighted lớn hear the news - Work in pairs 4. My mother has some shopping to bởi 5. You always have too much lớn talk about 6. It’s lovely lớn see you again 7. It’s too cold to go outDownload tài liệu học tập với ôn thi miễn giá tiền tại: Trang 8 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) 8. I am happy khổng lồ know that you have pass the exam • Practise: based on prompts S1: who/ want/ talk with? S2: S1: what/do/tonight? - Ask ss lớn practise in S2:have/exercises/do pairs - Practise in front S1: what/decide/do/high school? - điện thoại tư vấn some pairs of class S2: S1: why/morning exercise? S2: keep health 1. Bare infinitive : Giang: Where is Linh? - Give Ss a situation. Tuan: I saw him go out 5 minutes ago “There are 4 people - Take notes Giang: what is the matter with him? living in the house. They - Give their Tuan: I heard him say khổng lồ Nam he had a are close friends. They remark (after headache. He went lớn see the doctor. Are G, L, T, N. However, verb: see, hear VERB: see, hear, feel, make, let, watch + V0 G doesn’t know where L use bare goes, và he asks T : infinitive) - Ask Ss to lớn remark * Exercise 2 : page 21 Gives some verbs Key followed bare infinitive 1. The police watched them get out of the car. 2. They let him write a letter to lớn his wife - Ask Ss to vì chưng exercises - vị exercises 3. I heard them talk in the next room on page 21 - Take notes 4. The customs officers made him open the - Correct briefcase 5.The boy saw the cát jump through the window 6. Vị you think the company will make him pay some extra money? 7. I felt the animal move toward me 8. Vị you think her parents will let her go on a picnic? Practise :based on prompts * S1:I /see/them/go out S2: where/they/decide/go? S1: - Ask Ss to practise in - Work in pairs * S1: What/happen? pairs based on prompts S2:I/ see/ rabbit/jump/the window - Encourage Ss lớn make S1: Oh! really? situation to use the above * S1: what about /trip / Dalat, Lan? verbs (feel, make, let…) S2: I / be / afraid. I can’t - call some pairs to S1: What / the problem / you? present - Present in front S2:My friends/make/me/stay there/8 days of class S1:But/my parents/ not let/me/stay there 8 - Ask Ss to lớn pay attention - Take notes days S2: what a pity! lớn using these Verbs 2’ IV.HOMEWORK - Take notesDownload tài liệu học tập với ôn thi miễn mức giá tại: Trang 9 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) -learn their lesson -prepare the new lessonDownload tài liệu học tập và ôn thi miễn giá tiền tại: Trang 10 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) chạy thử OF ENGLISH Time allotted: 15* Circle the best answer to complete each sentence: (10ms)1/ In “Everyone has a number of acquaintances, but no one has many friends” acquaintancesmean................ A. People that you have met but bởi not know well B. People whom you know well and whom you lượt thích a lot. C. People who work in the same company. D. People with whom you giới thiệu a room for a period of time2/ A ............... Friendship is a precious relation ship. A. Mutual B. Sincere C. Generous D. Successful3/ A good marriage is based on................ . A. Trust B. Loyalty C. Secret D. A & B4/ The children seem lớn be totally .............................. Of working quietly by themselves. A.

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Unable B. Impossible C. Incapable D. Not able5/ The children were eager ............................ Their parents A. See B. Seeing C. Saw D. Khổng lồ see6/ He refused....................... Her....................... For herself. A. To allow / to lớn think B. Allowing / thinking C. Allow / to think D. To allow / think7/ They would .................. Go by plane than spend a week traveling by train. A. Lượt thích B. Prefer C. Rather D. Better8/ The quái vật made ......................... For a meeting after work. A. Us to lớn stay B. Us stay C. Us staying D. Us khổng lồ staying9/ I keep getting this pain in my leg. I think I’d better ......................... A doctor. A. See B. Seeing C. To lớn see D. Saw10/ The dentist told him ......................... His mouth wide. A. Mở cửa B. Opening C. To opening D. To openDownload tài liệu học tập tập cùng ôn thi miễn chi phí tại: Trang 11 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comPeriod: 6 UNIT 2: PERSONAL EXPERIENCESDate: Section: ReadingObjective: By the over of the lesson, Sts are going khổng lồ improve their reading skill as well as way toguess meaning of new words.Skills: reading, speaking, listeningTeaching aids: pictures, posters, cards.Procedure: T Stages & content T’s activities Ss’ activities 3’ I.WARM-UP: Ordering pictures - Gets Sts to lớn order the pictures, -Listen then guess what is happening -Work individually with people in each picture. - Leads Sts lớn new lesson. - Give feedback 10’ II.PRE-READING * Pre-teach vocabulary: - Follows the steps. - Copy the title. - embarrassing (a) = confused (a): luùng tuùng, boái roái - Reads twice as model. - to glance at: lieác quan sát - Observe. - sneaky (adj): leùn luùt,vuïng troäm - lớn make a fuss: laøm aàm leân -Listen + repeat. *Checking: Rub out và remember. -Gives Sts some questions, * Suggested questions: then gets them khổng lồ work in pairs 1. Who vì chưng you think they are? guess details in a story they - Copy 2. Where are they? are going khổng lồ read. 3. What are they doing? 22’ III.WHILE-READING *Task 1: Gap-filling - Asks Sts to lớn read the story Answer key carefully, then do task 1. 1. Glanced 4. Idols 5. Sneaky - Corrects. 2. Making a fuss 3. - Pair work talk about embarrassing - Gets Sts khổng lồ work in pairs to lớn each picture. * Task 2: Ordering pictures order the pictures about the -Present in front of story they’ve read. Class. -Silent reading Answer key: d-b-f-e-a-c - Checks + corrects. -Do task 1 (p.24). * Task 3: Multiple choice + Lucky -Compare the answers Stars in pairs. 1) The girl wish to lớn have______ when -Divides Sts into 2 groups, -Write the words on she was in grade 9. Asks them to lớn play the trò chơi the board. A. A new schoolbag b. A new shirt “Lucky stars” by answering -Translate into c. A red floppy hat d. A new bike the questions in task 3. Vietnamese. 2) Her father gave her some money -Take notes. On her birthday ________. - Pair work. A. To buy the hat she liked b. To buy an ice-cream -Give feedback. C. Khổng lồ travel d. Lớn buy a new computerDownload tài liệu học tập và ôn thi miễn phí tại: Trang 12 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) 3) She saw ______in the boy’s bag. - Gives clear instruction: -Take notes. A. An interesting picture book answer 5 questions with 1 b. A beautiful pen lucky star. C. A smartphone phone - Group work. D. A wad of dollar notes lượt thích hers - Join the game. 4) She decided to take the money from the boy’s bag without saying -Listen anything about it because_______. -Each group choose a. She hated him. C. She liked him. The question+answer.- b. She didn’t want lớn make a fuss. Take notes. 5) She bought ______ for herself with the money she took from the boy’s bag.8’ a. The hat b. The shirt -Gives marks + corrects c. The book d. The dictionary tells which group is the Answer key:1c -2a -3d -4b -5a winner. - Groupwork discuss IV.POST-READING the way to solve this * Suggested phrases: - In groups of four, asks Sts khổng lồ problem. Put up a notice at the school board / find out the solution for the - Each group presents. Get on the same bus the next day and situation in the story using the2’ look far the boy to lớn return the money prompts. To him / keep it as a secret / tell her father and ash him for advice……… -Listens + comments. -Listen V. HOMEWORK -Take notes. - Learn new words by heart. -Write a short paragraph to - Gives tasks. Summarize the story (about 100 wordsDownload tài liệu học tập tập với ôn thi miễn phí tại: Trang 13 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comPeriod: 7 UNIT 2: PERSONAL EXPERIENCESDate: Section: SpeakingAim: Students talk about past experiences and how they affected one’s life.- Lexical items: words/ phrases talk about past experiences.- Structures: useful structures used lớn talk about past experiencesMethod: Communicative approachTeaching aids: textbook, posters, pictures.Procedure: T Stages & content T’s activities Sts’ activities 4’ I. WARM UP: Question - Look at the How do the people in the photos feel? - Ask pictures, answer - happy/ angry/ frightened/ relaxed/ excited/ bored - Introduce the 12 II. PRE- SPEAKING: lesson * Task 1: Work in pairs. Match the things you might have -Work in pairs done or experienced in box A with how the experience - Ask sts to lớn - kiểm tra might have affected you in box B (p 25) match A with B → Answer key: 1d 2c 3a 4b 5e 15 II. WHILE-SPEAKING: - Correct - Pair work * Task 2: Work in pairs. A student is talking to her friend about one of her past experiences và how it affected her. The lines in their conversation are - Ask sts lớn put jumbled. Put them in the correct order, then practise the in the correct dialogue. Order - Practise →Answer key: 1b 2 chiều 3h 4a 5e 6g 7c 8f - Hỏi về kinh nghiệm tay nghề đã trải qua: Have you ever …? - Hỏi vể cụ thể kinh nghiệm đó: How did it happen? - Guide sts how - Hỏi về ảnh hưởng của tay nghề đó: to lớn use tenses How did the experience affect you? - Simple past * Task 3: Work in pairs. Underline the structures used lớn - Past talk about past experiences in the dialogue in Task 2, then continuous use the structures và the ideas in Task 1 khổng lồ make similar dialogues 13 IV. POST-SPEAKING: - Work in pairs ∗ Useful structures: - Have you ever …? - Check, listen, - How did it happen? help - When did it happen? - How did the experience affect you? 1’ V. HOMEWORK: Write a short paragraph about 80 words about your past - Give tasks - Take notes experienceDownload tài liệu học tập tập và ôn thi miễn giá thành tại: Trang 14 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comDate: 8 UNIT 2: PERSONAL EXPERIENCESPeriod: Section: ListeningObjectives: - By the lesson ss understand family is more important than things - They are no longer selfishTeaching aids: Textbook, posters, tape, cassette playerProcedure: T Stages & nội dung T’s activities Ss’ activities I.WARM-UP: Kim’s game - Explain the way of - Listen to lớn the Some words: shout, help, telephone, playing the trò chơi instruction of the water, cry, selfish, gas, protect, - Start the trò chơi teacher to play well unforgettable, experience, rescue, fire, - Play the trò chơi family, things, terrible II. PRE- LISTENING: * Vocabulary: - Listen and repeat - Memorable (adj.) translate - Apply the techniques of - Read - Scream (v picture teaching new words - Copy - Embrace (v) action and explain reasonably - Protect (v)explain or may be translate - Terrified: picture and translate - Escape (v) picture, explain or translate * Ordering words + When you see the fire, what bởi vì you do? - Ask ss look at the posters - Look at the board Arrange the correct order of the on the blackboard to lớn answer & answer the words from the first khổng lồ the end: help the question question people lớn rebuild their house, hotline the - Ask ss work in group - Work in groups firemen, manage khổng lồ put out the fire, run lớn - Don’t correct their the place where there is a fire, ask someone answers - Give answers on lớn help, escape, scream the board III. WHILE- LISTENING: + Task 1: Christina is being interviewed - Read about the most unforgettable experience in - Ask ss khổng lồ read the her life. Listen lớn the interview, and then instruction - Listen decide whether the statement are true (T) or - Run through the task - Work in pairs false (F). - Ask ss lớn predict - Listen - Play the tape (1 or 2) - Answer - Ask ss for answers - Give the - Ask ss give the correct information Answer information of the false 1. T 2. F 3. F 4. F 5. Sentences T - Give feedback và correct the answers - Copy + Task 2: Listen lớn the second part of the - Read dialogue và fill in the gaps in the summary - Ask ss lớn read the of Christina’s story below. Instruction - Listen - Run through - Give answers Answer - Ask ss to lớn guess freelyDownload tài liệu học tập tập với ôn thi miễn phí tại: Trang 15 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) - Get feedback và play the - Listen 1. Small 2.everything tape(1 or 2) 4.replaced - Ask ss give answers - Give answers 5.took 6. Appreciate -Correct và give - Copy IV. POST- LISTENING: comments - Work in pairs What vị you think about the sentence: - Give their own “Family is more important than things”? - Ask ss work in pairs answers freely - Exchange your ideas with a partner - Go around lớn help V. HOMEWORK: - gọi some ss give their - Learn by heart the lesson own answers - Correct if - Rewrite your opinion about the sentence: they have serious mistakes “Family is more important than things” - Take - Prepare the lesson for the next period: “WRITING” - Say & write on the boardDownload tài liệu học tập tập với ôn thi miễn phí tại: Trang 16 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comDate: 9 UNIT 2: PERSONAL EXPERIENCESPeriod: Section: WritingObjective: Writing a personal letter describing a past experienceMethod: Communicative approachTeaching aids: textbook, poster T Stages & content Teacher’s work Students’ work 4’ I.WARM UP: Complete the following - Ask sts lớn complete - Pair work sentences, using the adjectives in the box. Them Proud , sad, angry, frightened - Listen 1. He was very -------- when someone stole his Key money. - Get feedback 1. Angry 2. He was very ---------- when his father 2. Proud appeared on TV with the Prime Minister. - Give the answer 3. Frightened 3. He was very--------- when he saw those big 4. Sad dogs running toward him. 4. He was very-------------when he heard that he got bad marks. + introduce the new lesson: Writing an embarrassing experience in our life15’ II. PRE-WRITING * Read the following letter và complete the chart below. Dear Helen, Last year I had a scary dream, I was walking along an empty street late at night. Suddenly a - Ask ss to vày the task - Follow lion appeared at the end of the street. He ran toward me with his big mouth xuất hiện and sharp teeth. He roared and jumped upon me. I screamed loudly and awoke. I’m still frightened now. By the way, how are you? bởi you still have a nightmare as before? I think we have similar problems now. Write lớn me as soon as possible. Your friend, Daisy Answer Name of experience 1. 1.The frightened when it happened 2. -Run through Voc. Experience where it happened 3. -Model 2. Last night how it happened 4. -Explain some 3. The writer was how the experience 5. Structures walking along an affected you - Elicit tenses & form empty street late at Notes: night. - embarrassed / embarrassing (adj) Listen và take notes - a / an ….thing happened lớn me….. 4. The lion ran towardDownload tài liệu học tập cùng ôn thi miễn phí tổn tại: Trang 17 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) - I felt extremely ….. Her with his big mouth - It was a really…. Experience. Xuất hiện and sharp teeth. → elicit: Tenses (past) he roared và jumped form (5 parts) upon her. * Main points - when it happened - where it happened - how it happened - who was involved - how the experience affected you III. WHILE - WRITING - Ask sts to lớn write a - Write a letter to lớn tell15’ Write a letter khổng lồ tell your friends the most letter to lớn tell their their friends the most embarrassing experience in the same way friends the most embarrassing embarrassing experience experience - Ask for help - Go around to lớn give sts IV. POST-WRITING some help -Write on the board10’ - Ask 2 sts lớn write on V. HOMEWORK the board -Take notes1’ - Rewrite your letters - Correct sts’ mistakes - Prepare the next part - Give homework - Take notesDownload tài liệu học tập tập cùng ôn thi miễn phí tại: Trang 18 Lesson plan 11 (Basic) www.kapakapy.comDate: UNIT 2: PERSONAL EXPERIENCESPeriod: 10 Section: Language focusAim: After the lesson, ss will be able to: -Pronounce the sounds: / m /, /n /, / n / correctly. -Use the correct tenses of the verbs: s.present, s.past, past progressive, past perfect.Structures: s.present, s.past, past progressive, past perfect.Teaching aids: cards, book, posters……..Procedure: T Stages & content T’s activities Ss’ activities 3’ * Warm-up: Kim’s trò chơi -Give instructions - Observe may wrong running make nose - Divide the class - Work in home snow seven sing into 2 groups groups summer nine morning money - Praise the winner 10 I.PRONUNCIATION: * Listen và repeat: - Listen và /m/ /n/ /n/ - Model. Repeat. May nose wrong - Repeat make nine running - Correct ss’ correctly. Summer money bring mistakes. *Practise reading the sentences: 1. Good morning. I want an apartment in central - Listen và London. -Model repeat 2. We have an expensive apartment in Northern -Ask ss to underline - Underline the Avenue the words having words. 3. I remember meeting him on a nice summer these sounds. - Observe afternoon. 10 II. GRAMMAR: A. Present simple tense: - set the scene - Listen and 1. Ex: Nam và Phong live with their parents. Phái nam - Give example repeat works for a big company. Phong is a student. He does - model - Answer his exercises everyday. - Ask questions và - Copy Form: give the form on the -I, You, We, They + Vo board -He, She, It + V- - Give instruction to lớn Be: am / is / are -Ask ss to work in - Listen Use: We sometimes use the present simple tense lớn pairs - Work in pairs tell a story happened in the past. - kiểm tra and give the 2. Practice: Use the correct present tense forms of Key: 1. Invites answer the verbs in brackets: 2.sets 3.gets The story is about a girl called Little Red Riding Hood 4.waves 5.promises who ( lives with her mother. Little Red Riding 6.carries Hood’s grandmother (1. Invite) ____ her to her 7. Contains cottage, so one fine day she (2. Set) ____ off to lớn visit 8. Has baked 9. Is her. The little girl (3. Get) _____ ready, (4.wave) 10. Is shining ______ goodbye lớn her mother and (5. Promise) 11. Are singingDownload tài liệu học tập tập với ôn thi miễn phí tổn tại: Trang 19