“Farm Fresh Rhode Islvà is doing an amazing job nurturing innovative, creative ideas to lớn help Rhode Island’s community of farmers và eaters flourish. From education & outreach to youth development & public policy, Farm Fresh’s network of programs và services tie all aspects of our food system together. Their work enriches our local economy & encourages more nutritious food choices by consumers. I’ve long had a passion for healthy eating và supporting youth in our community, và am happy lớn be part of an organization that is as helping young people try, choose, & enjoy more fresh, local fruits and vegetables — one key avenue in the fight against childhood obesity. I’m proud that Farm Fresh RI serves as an example khổng lồ the nation that making nutritious foods available to everyone can drive a healthier community & more prosperous future for the state.”

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Georgimãng cầu Sarpong
Board of DirectorsCo-owner of Abundance Farm; Software Engineer at Rue Gilt Groupe
☓ Georgina Sarpong

“The greatness of a person is not how much wealth they acquire, but their integrity & their ability to lớn make a positive impact around them.”-Bob Marley

Board of DirectorsChef Instructor, Johnson và Wales University; Former Chef/Owner of New Rivers American Bistro

“As a former restaurateur, I welcomed the vision of Farm Fresh RI và their mission to lớn connect the farmer to local food consumers — be they individuals, businesses, or chefs. In 2009, Farm Fresh began its Market di động wholesale distribution service, allowing me & other chefs to lớn buy directly from a variety of local farmers AND have sầu Farm Fresh deliver those goods in a single order to the restaurant. Over the years, I have sầu watched the growth and expanding vision of Farm Fresh RI and seen their success in connecting the farming and food-consuming communities in Rhode Islvà — from operating lively farmers markets khổng lồ offering nutrition incentives for SNAPhường shoppers khổng lồ purchase fresh fruits và vegetables, khổng lồ food service training for young adults from the RI Training School who turn overstoông xã produce from local farms into value-added products. When I retired and left my business after 22 years, I was ready lớn be a volunteer in a community project. My admiration of their work made it easy for me to lớn commit my time lớn Farm Fresh RI.”


Eva Agudelo

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Hope"s Harvest RI Executive Director
☓ Eva Agudelo

Eva (she/her/hers) has worked with beginning farmers, restaurants, retailers, farmers markets, nonprofits, and hunger relief agencies lớn improve community food security and bring about a food system that works for everyone. Eva started the National Incubator Farm Training Initiative through the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project; served as a FINI (now GusNIP) program officer at Wholesome Wave, supporting incentive programs at farmers markets across the US; and most recently was the Assistant Director of Programs at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, administering federal nutrition programs and supporting Rhode Island’s statewide network of food pantries & meal sites. She holds an M.S. from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science và Policy at Tufts University, is a former member of the Rhode Isl& Food Policy Council (RIFPC), và sits on the board of Osamequin Farm.

In 2018, Eva founded the nonprofit Hope’s Harvest RI, which mobilizes volunteers to lớn rescue food from local farms that would otherwise go to waste and distributes it khổng lồ local hunger relief agencies. Farm Fresh RI is proud lớn fiscally sponsor Hope’s Harvest RI.

Chris Clegg
Board of DirectorsFarmer, Four Town Farm
☓ Chris Clegg

“For years, Farm Fresh RI has helped my farm make valuable connections — from individuals và small businesses nearby in Rhode Isl& to large restaurant groups up in Boston. As a result, the farm has a wider reach & a broader palette of customers. When the opportunity came up to join the Board of Directors at Farm Fresh, I was more than happy lớn contribute my time and guidance lớn this great organization — bringing my perspective sầu as not only a community thành viên and supporter, but also as a Farm Fresh partner và customer.”

Board of DirectorsAssistant Dean, College of Food Innovation và Technology, Johnson & Wales University

“Farm Fresh Rhode Islvà has been a part of my life both personally và professionally since its beginning. From filling my home pantry at the markets lớn making FFRI part of our curriculum here at JWU…the community that it’s built over the past decade & a half is just remarkable. Supporting community, helping others ‘grow,’ helping farms, farmers & artisans connect with the top chefs, students and Rhode Islanders has been và will continue lớn be part of their mission…and that makes me feel honored to tư vấn them & be part of this board. Farm Fresh Rhode Island has been a leader, a trailblazer, and a great example for so many around the region and the country…we’re proud to have them here with us.”