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Software development industry is growing day by day và most of the Computer science students want to lớn develop software và application. Visual Studio is also an IDE developed by Microsoft for the users who want to lớn develop software in a better environment and more easily. The IDE offers so many advantages for the developers that are uncountable but the main problem is Visual Studio 2018 is a paid software and you need khổng lồ buy the license from Microsoft lớn use this software. But these software costs a lot and a normal developer cannot afford this & keeping this in mind we have sầu shared a few ways to get Visual Studio for miễn phí.

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But diving deep inkhổng lồ how to craông xã or get Visual Studio for free let’s first talk about the features of Visual Basic that makes it one of the best and full-fledged IDE on earth.


1 Visual Studio Features

Visual Studio Features

Visual Studio offers a lot of features that a software developer needs to develop software more easily & be more productive sầu. Below we have highlighted some of the best features of this Visual Studio.

Huge Language support

Visual Studio not only supports a single development language, it is an IDE that supports multiple coding languages & you can code HTML, CSS, JSP.., ASP.NET, VISUAL BASIC, C# và much more languages. So you can use only one IDE for all of your coding needs.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Free Download

Side by Side Editing

The lachạy thử version of Visual Studio supports Side by Side editing, this means you can make changes in your code as well as you can also see the pReviews in another Window simultaneously that makes it more easy lớn develop GUI based applications.

Mobile Development Support

After the acquisition of Xamarin by Microsoft, .net developers can directly develop and deploy mobile based applications using Visual Studio lakiểm tra version. Users can install Xamarin as a plugin in Visual Studio 2015 while in 2017 version it comes pre-loaded.


Normally traditional IDE’s are based on comm& line interface, However Visual Studio is based on Graphical User Interface. And thanks lớn the GUI IDE you can code without getting bored.

These were some of the features of Visual Studio features that makes it one of the best choices for modern applications development. But Microsoft Visual Studio is a heavy software & it requires more resources to run and exedễ thương if we will compare it with any other IDE. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of Visual Studio. Below we have sầu mentioned basic system requirements that are needed khổng lồ run Microsoft Visual Studio 2018.

System Requirement for Visual Studio


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Source of The Table: Microsoft

Visual Studio 2018 Free Download

Microsoft Visual Studio 2018 is a paid software that needs a key to lớn unlock và you can purchase this via Microsoft. However, if you want khổng lồ download the software for không tính tiền then we have sầu posted the links for không lấy phí download và you can download Visual Studio 2018 for không tính tiền using this link.

We hope you enjoyed Visual Basic 2017 Key, you can tải về Visual Basic 2017 from the above sầu links và can use this for lifetime & that too for free. Now let’s move sầu to lớn Visual Studio 2015 Serial Key.


Visual Studio năm ngoái Free Download

If you do not want to Download the lakiểm tra version of Visual Studio 2017 the you can download Studio năm ngoái from below links, However, you will not be able lớn get XAMARIN support into lớn it and you need to lớn install it as a seprate plugin. You can download it from below liên kết và it will redirect you khổng lồ 100% safe & secure trang web.

Download Visual Studio 2013 For Free

Visual Studio 2013 is the older version of it and lightweight, it contains many features that latest versions of Visual Studio lacks. Swish max 3 free download full version with crack. You can vày many tasks in Visual Studio 2013 more easier và more fast then the latest version lượt thích Visual Studio năm ngoái or Visual Studio 2017. You can download Visual Studio 2013 for không lấy phí using below links.

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Download Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2012 was an upgraded version of Visual Studio 2010 and if you want lớn Download Visual Studio 2012 for không tính phí then you can bởi that from our trang web. Click on below link & you will be redirected to the original Visual Studio website và from there you can download Visual Studio 2012 for không lấy phí.

Download Visual Studio 2010


Visual Studio 2010 was an upgraded version of Visual Studio 2008 and if you want to lớn Download Visual Studio 2012 for không lấy phí then you can vị that from our trang web. Clichồng on below links và you will be redirected khổng lồ the original Visual Studio trang web & from there you can download Visual Studio 2010 for free. This liên kết is 100% safe and secure to tải về you can download Visual Studio 2010 for không tính phí và without any problem

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Visual Studio Crachồng With License Key

Visual Studio Crack is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. Furthermore, you can use to lớn develop computer programs. As well as, it is used khổng lồ mobile apps, web apps, web services & websites. Visual Studio uses Microsoft Software development platforms like Windows Store, Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows API and Windows Forms. Also, it can produce both managed code và native code. For managed code, the MPF includes wrappers for writing managed language services. For native code, the Babel framework (part of Visual Studio SDK) can be used. Use it và make your life faster and better.

Moreover, the Visual Studio doesn’t support programming language, solution or tool intrinsically but it allows the plugging of functionality coded as a VSPackage. The IDE provides three services: SVsShell, which giao dịch with registration of VSPackage và solution, which provides the ability to lớn enumerate projects và solutions; SVsUIShell, which provides windowing & UI functionality. As well as, the Visual Studio includes a code editor supporting IntelliSense and code refactoring. Also, the integrated debugger works both as a machine-level debugger và a source-cấp độ debugger.

Visual Studio Keyren Full + License key

As well as, other built-in tools include a code profiler, forms designer for building GUI applications, database schema designer, class designer, & website designer. Visual Studio does not attach any source control tư vấn built it but it defines two alternative sầu ways for source control systems khổng lồ integrate with the IDE. Also, a source control VSPackage can provide its own customized user interface. Moreover, in contrast, source control plugins using the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI) provides a set of functions.

Visual Studio supports running multiple instances of the environment. Also, the instances use different registry hives to store their configuration state và are differentiated by their Application ID. Furthermore, the various hàng hóa editions of this software are created using the different Application ID. Also, the professional edition includes a supermix of the VSPackages in the standard edition và the team suite includes a supermix of the VSPackages in both other editions. As well as, the most basic edition of Visual Studio, the Community edition, is available không tính phí of charge.

Visual Studio Activation Key Features

Code Editor:

The code editor supports syntax highlighting và code completion using IntelliSense for variables, functions, methods, LINQ queries và loops. Also, the Visual Studio code editor supports setting bookmarks in code for quick navigation.


Furthermore, Visual Studio includes a debugger that works both as a source-level debugger và as a machine-cấp độ debugger. It works with both managed and native code.


As well as, Visual Studio includes a host of visual designers to lớn aid in the development of applications. These tools include Windows Forms Designer, WPF Designer, Web designer or development, Data Designer, Class Designer, & Mapping designer.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2012 Download


Also, Visual Studio allows developers khổng lồ write extensions for Visual Studio to extover its capabilities. As well as, these extensions “plug into” this program và extkết thúc its functionality. Extensions come in the khung of packages, add-ins, & macros.

Visual Studio 2012 Professional miễn phí. tải về full Version With Crachồng Free Download


Visual Studio 2012 Professional không tính phí. download full Version With Crachồng Version

Microsoft Visual Studio is available in the following editions or SKUs like Community, Professional, Enterprise, và Test professional & express.

Other tools:

Visual Studio includes other tools like open tabs browser, properties editor, object browser, solution explorer, team explorer, data explorer, & server explorer.

Visual Studio Key Details:

Format: EXE, .dmg Size: 07 MB Source: Password:

How khổng lồ Activate Visual Studio Craông chồng và Torrent Activated Lakiểm tra Version?

Visual Studio 2013 tải về không tính tiền. full Version

First, you should have installed its trial versionNow you can download the crachồng thiết đặt file from the tải về links.xuất hiện the crack file and run the thiết đặt and Install it properly.Second, you have to download the crack from the links below.Then copy and paste all craông chồng files inkhổng lồ installation location.Finally, run it.