Boom Boom Online is a không tính tiền VR game that’s only available for Oculus devices. The title takes heavy inspiration from the Sword Art Online anime, requiring you lớn fight enemies as you progress through the levels of the world. The title is simple to play và an ideal tải về for fans of the SAO series.

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If you enjoy VR games, the alternative Ancient Dungeon VR is a great way to explore more caverns as you combat monsters. Alternatively, if you want trùm cuối combat but laông xã a Virtual Reality headset, Monster Park (SEA) is a great title lớn try out. The title is unfortunately limited due khổng lồ its status as a fan-made game.

Based on the anime

Boom Boom Online is based on the anime Sword Art Online, a series that saw players trapped within an online MMO. As an SAO game, the title begins in the same world as the anime’s main characters. You’ll fight wild boards & see a thực đơn that replicates the one seen within the show.

Fortunately, unlượt thích in the anime, you won’t die in real life if you fail khổng lồ defeat your enemy. To improve sầu your combat, you can go shopping for new gear that boosts your attaông chồng abilities or defensive power.

VR required

Boom Boom Online requires an Oculus VR headset và cannot function on any alternative sầu br&. This limitation prevents anyone with an HTC Vive from discovering the title. If you’re playing the game on an Oculus Quest, the title needs khổng lồ load through the Sidequest ứng dụng first.

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xuất hiện world

The world of Boom Boom Online is open và không tính tiền for you to explore & discover as you combat enemies. As the game is fan-made most of the floors aren’t available, & you’ll spkết thúc most of your time in the Town of Beginnings. The game does offer a lot lớn vày on the lower floors, such as siêu thị and battle various enemies.

Fan-made with limitations

Boom Boom Online is a fan-made game that holds itself to its inspiration, Sword Art Online. However, the title isn’t truly online và fails lớn provide anything more than a simulation of the anime’s world. The game is also limited to lớn the Oculus devices và cannot run on an Điện thoại HTC Vive sầu or other VR headphối.


Title:Boom Boom Online 1.0 for AndroidRequirements:Android 9.0,Android 7.0,Android 5.0,Android 8.0,Android 6.0Language:EnglishLicense:FreeDate added:Monday, June 28th 2021Author:realJasony


SHA-1:64ef6622244800f19c66d23353a49fc60d0e1d3aDownload options:APK, Google PlayFilename:Boom_Boom_Online_v1.0.apk


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