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ĐỀ KIỂM TRA CHẤT LƯỢNG ĐẦU NĂM MÔN: TIẾNG ANH - LỚP 7 thời gian làm bài: 45 phút I.

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Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently. (1.0p) 1. A. Thin B. Bird C. Shirt D. Girl 2. A. Healthy B. Everything C. This D. Thank 3. A. Children B. Teacher C. Chair D. School 4. A. Volunteer B. Cốt truyện C. Nightmare D. Prepare 5. A. Wanted B. Liked C. Needed D. Decided II. Choose the best answer. (2.0ps) 1. What are you ? -I"m playing soccer. A. Bởi B. To bởi vì C. Doing D. Does 2. Peter to Linda about his vacation last week. A. Talks B. Talked C. Talking D. Lớn talk 3 is the matter with you? - I have a toothache. A. What B. How C. When D. Why 4. What does he look ? - He is fat & short. A. Lượt thích B. At C for D. After 5. Would you lượt thích with us, Mai? A .have lunch B. Having lunch C. To have lunch D. Khổng lồ have a lunch 6. Is it from your house to lớn your school ? - About 2 km A. How far B. How many C. How long D. How much is it. 7. It"s half five now. A. To lớn B. Past C. From D. By 8. We have a literature class eight forty. A. On B. In C. By D. At 9. My classes always at 7 a.m. A. Begins B. Beginning C.

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To begin D. Begin 10. I don"t know how this lesson. A. To learn B. Learn C. Learning D. Learned III-Give the right size of the verbs in brackets. (2.0p) 1. Tomorrow, Lan (not go) to the movie theater. 2. Yesterday, I (not/ go) to lớn work. 3. If he (not/ study) hard, his parents (feel) angry. 4. She never (eat) a pizza before. 5. You ever (visit) London ? - Yes. I (go) there 2 years ago. 6. You had better (brush) your teeth after every meal. 7. Why you (not go ) lớn the party last night? 8. I’m going to the post office (buy) some stamps. IV. Each of the following sentences contains one error. Underline and correct it. (1p) 1. She drinks a lot of mineral waters in a day.  ___ A B C D 2. You shouldn’t run or walk careless around the lake.  ___ A B C D 3. There are a large, modern bathroom in the house.  ___ A B C D 14. Mr. Pike works in a hospital for five days a week.  ___ A B C D 5. Peter is a very more careful driver than Tom.  ___ A B C D V_: Read the passage & answer the questions. (2.0ps) A robot is a special kind of machine. It is a machine that moves. It follows instructions. The instructions come from a computer. Because it is a machine, it does not make mistakes.Robots are all around us. Some robots can make things. Worker Robots can help make cars, và explore volcanoes . Some trang chủ Robots can even recognize words. They can help us answer telephone calls. & they can bởi housework. Long ago, people imagined robots. Over 2,000 years ago, a famous poet imagined robots. The poet’s name was Homer. They cleaned things and they made things. But they were not real. Nobody was able lớn make a real robot. The first real robot was made in 1961. In the future, we will have even more kinds of robots. They will do things that we can’t do. Or they will vị things that we don’t want khổng lồ do. Or they will vì things that are too dangerous for us. Fire Robots will be able khổng lồ fight fires. Soldier Robots will be able lớn help us fight wars. Doctor Robots will be able lớn help us fight sickness. Even Inventor Robots will help us discover things. They will help make life better. 1, What is a robot? 2, Does a robot make mistakes? 3, What can Worker robots do? 4, Was the first real robot made 2,000 years ago? 5, What other kinds of robots will we have in the future? VI. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the sentence before it( 2.0ps) 1. She is interested in watching television. -> She likes 2. The Nile is the longest river in the world. -> No river 3. There are 28 students in my class. -> My class . 4. What’s the price of this television ? -> How 5. Mary didn’t go lớn school yesterday because of her sickness. Because Mary . THE end 2