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Caitlyn relies heavily on getting her belongings early to lớn inflict lasting damage on her team. Late in the game it can cause damage from the opposing side of the team. Caitlyn is addicted to items, so the ADC needs khổng lồ bring gold khổng lồ her quickly to prsự kiện damage.

There are a number of things that are good for Caitlyn to build on, no matter how the match turns out. When Caitlyn is silenced, her problems go beyond her subjects và power peaks. This is a guide to lớn help those coping with Caitlyn & avoiding bad situations. Caitlyn is often "shut down" because her problems go beyond her subject matter & power.

Caitlyn"s basic attacks dealternative text bonus attack damage lớn enemy champions who fall into one of your traps. Remember to lớn passively use Caitlyn"s head shot in the lane so that you can timing your tự động hóa attacks lớn hit your enemy lane và ensure one last hit on minions. Enemies slowed down by Caitlyn"s E-90 caliber net giảm giá bonus, which causes attaông xã damage from her base attacks.


If you want tankier lifestyle và attaông xã damage, this is the perfect thành phầm for you. If you don"t want to lớn build a health nhà cửa, this rune should be activated by a tank master. You will not build a health tác phẩm, but this tòa tháp can be activated by tank masters.

As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have sầu a strong ability to lớn build a lead & dominate your opponent.

If you want to build up your game & keep playing, rethành viên that it is very difficult to lớn play against them. Your team will have sầu khổng lồ support you while you focus on kitesurfing và damaging the enemy. If you thua trận in a fight, it only increases the chances of your opponent winning the game.

The main focus of the League of Legends Caitlyn build-up is to lớn get the maximum possible ultimate hit, in addition to additional real damage from cheap shots. With precision runes and complete damage items in this build, combined with a shooting style, Caitlyn Build 1119 is the easiest to play champion in the league. The best Caitlyn runic position is on the primary path & A on the secondary path.

Caitlyn has limited ability to lớn help allies, but can act as a tank for the team. Its greathử nghiệm contribution to allies is its move sầu to lớn rebalance, but it can support allies one way or the other. This construction works best when you put your s& on the team và use your last three energies lớn piông xã up s& & snow huts lớn protect them from damage from sandstorms & hailstorms.

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Caitlyn is particularly svào in the early game due to lớn her long reach and elimination of opponents crawling with her traps. Both Caitlyn và Rebekah are said khổng lồ be targeting attacks from adversaries & using social media to lớn defover themselves.

The only champions to beat Caitlyn are Sheriff Piltover, Senna (60% passive stack), Jinx (Q rank 4), Fishbone, Tristamãng cầu & Annie. Caitlyn is a great AD Carry due to lớn her use of critical listing. How to find the best items và runses khổng lồ build for Caitlyn is determined by the calculations of Leaguespy of thousands of plat & League matches.


Today, we take a look at the ultimate killer of all Caitlyn buildings. We calculated the items to lớn build with the highest win rate, the best runes for Caitlyn, mythical items and skills, complete items to lớn build starting items, summoning spells, building items, and jewelry counters.

It"s not the best use of Caitlyn"s potential, but it"s not a troll of a build either. If you feel the need to become a true xạ thủ và use her ultimate skill, this cài đặt will meet that need.

It is a good mythical ADC object because it provides access lớn the hyphen và does quite a lot of damage. In the rare case that you are dealing with a full team of assassins, you should choose the first cống phẩm khổng lồ make sure that you don"t die every time an assassin sees you as you lack attaông chồng tốc độ and critical chances compared lớn other builds.

One of the best ADC items in the game, Death Dance, gives defensive stats such as magic resistance & armor as well as offensive sầu stats such as attachồng damage and cooldown reduction. To make the cống phẩm even more viable, his passive sầu lament grants a 12% damage reduction on the last hits of the opposing champion Caitlyn. Lifestyle is gained by the items that get damaged over time, và the effect is negated when you meet an enemy champion or favorite, which makes ADCs very vulnerable.

Infinity Edge is Caitlyn the best thành phầm because it gives a lot of attack damage và critical chances, so critical hits bởi vì more damage. Infinity Edge is a good item for any ADC, but especially an ADC with a certain critical staông xã of chances.

Jxs Flame Chomper captures Caitlyn và makes her vulnerable khổng lồ car attacks, abilities & other spells from enemies in the traông chồng. When they are struck in sync, Caitlyn"s rep can be used as a prop for other beaten couples.