Các Bài Viết Tiếng Anh Theo Chủ Đề

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những bài viết tiếng Anh theo chủ đề hay

1. Write about life in the city

Life in the thành phố is full of activity. Early in the morning hundreds of people rush out of their homes in the manner ants bởi when their nest is broken. Soon the streets are full of traffic. Shops và offices open, students flock lớn their schools and the day's work begins. The city now throb with activity, và it is full of noise. Hundreds of sight-seers, tourists và others visit many places of interest in the đô thị while businessmen from various parts of the world arrive khổng lồ transact business.

Then towards evening, the offices & day schools begin lớn close. Many of the shops too close. There is now a rush for buses & other means of transport. Everyone seems lớn be in a hurry lớn reach home. As a result of this rush, many accidents occur. One who has not been lớn the city before finds it hard khổng lồ move about at this time. Soon, however, there is almost no activity in several parts of the city. These parts are usually the business centres. With the coming of night, another kind of actịvity begins. The streets are now full of colorful lights. The air is cooler and life becomes more leisurely. People now seek entertainment. Many visit the cinemas, parks and clubs, while others remain indoors khổng lồ watch television or listen to lớn the radio. Some visit friends and relatives and some spend their time reading books and magazines. Those who are interested in politics discuss the latest political developments. At the same time, hundreds of crimes are committed. Thieves và robbers who wait for the coming of night become active, và misfortune descends upon many. For the greed of a few, many are killed, and some live in constant fear. Khổng lồ bring criminals to lớn justice, the officers of the law are always on the move.

Workers và others who seek advancement in their careers attend educational institutions which are xuất hiện till late in the night. Hundreds of them sit for various examinations every year. The facilities và opportunities that the people in the đô thị have khổng lồ further their studies & increase their knowledge of human affairs are indeed many. As a result, the people of the city are usually better informed than those of the village, where even a newspaper is sometimes difficult to get.

The thành phố could, therefore, be described as a place of ceaseless activity. Here, the drama of life is enacted every day.

2. Write about your idol

I love và idolize Michael Jackson because he's a great person, a humanitarian. He's a person that I inspire not only myself but others to be as well. If there were more people lượt thích Michael Jackson, I promise you this world would be such a great place khổng lồ live in.

Michael has inspired me in every aspect of my life, but overall he made me a better and more aware person; he taught me that it's okay to lớn be yourself in a world that's trying khổng lồ make you lượt thích everyone else. Stand out, or thua trận yourself. Michael was always there for me when I had no one. It's funny because although I've never met Michael, but he's been here for me than the people whom I see every single day. How sad is that? There's no words in the English language that can describe how I feel about this man and how I continue khổng lồ feel about him actually.

I love him from the depths of my soul. There's no way I could ever repay him for all that he's done to lớn my existence. I owe my entire life lớn him. I wish he knew how much loved & cared about he really was. I also wish I could thank him as well. His presence on this Earth was a gift. I, well we(his fans) were blessed with his presence on Earth.

We're all so very grateful of that. When I listen lớn him music, I am in the best mood I could ever possibly be in. His music relaxes và calms my soul greatly. He was right. His spirit will live forever in his music và it has. Anyways! I instantly become a million times happier when i see him smile or hear his adorable laughter.

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It honestly hurts me when I notice he's sad. His emotions are intertwined with mine. It's weird. I spend my times defending him, crying over him, & most of all, standing by him despite the fact that he's no longer here. I cry because my idol is gone forever. He's never coming back. I will keep my love for him until the day I die.

3. Write an essay about your school

I often điện thoại tư vấn Nhuan Trach Primary School is my second home. School children, though not very large but very spacious và clean. High school entrance & spacious, the two sides is the flower corridor leads straight to lớn the playground và the classroom.

School Grounds are wide, around the yard Poinciana trees and ancient shade cover, with flower beds & lawns green. Listed under the tree row of stone for us lớn read books & talk after each lesson.

The classrooms are full of tables & chairs, cabinets for learning and also exhibited the post office corner, nice article. In addition, you also have the other classrooms as music room, computer science, library, classrooms English ...

I even loved the school because here we have good friends & the teachers are always interested lớn teach and impart knowledge lớn us. I loved my second home!

4. Write a paragraph about the things you enjoy doing

I vày many things everyday but the things I enjoy doing most are picking flowers và preparing my school lessons. As a girl of fourteen years of age, I help my mother everyday. My mother is a very religious lady. Every evening, before her prayers, I go out in search of flowers which she needs during her prayers. I must admit that looking for flowers around my house is a very pleasant exercise. I go khổng lồ all our neighbours' gardens where a great variety of flowers can be found. Our neighbours are very kind and they allow me khổng lồ pick as many flowers as 1 like. They are so beautiful & colourful that they make the gardens the best place lớn visit in our area. Once I am in these gardens I spend a long time to lớn pick flowers because of the pleasure of walking inside the gardens.

5. Write a paragraph about the rainy season

When the grass dry, the trees have lost their leaves, the rivers have very little water in them & the fields are parched, everyone prays for the coming of rain. But when it continues khổng lồ rain for several days, there are prayers everywhere for the rain khổng lồ stop, for heavy và continuous rain often causes great hardship to lớn many people, especially in the equatorial region. The rainy season is therefore welcomed at times, & at other times, it is hated.

In equatorial countries lượt thích Malaysia, the rainy season often causes much damage to lớn crops, life and property. People who work in the paddy-fields, rubber và other plantations have to lớn stop their work for sometimes. As a result, they thất bại income & suffer hardship. Farmers too suffer as they have to lớn stop selling vegetables và poultry for a few days. Even school children experience a lot of inconvenience.

6. Write about a priceless gift received

I received a very precious gift from my sister on my 24th birthday. It was a laptop. My sister has always been very generous, but this time even I was surprised by her generosity. I could have never envisaged that she would give me such an expensive gift. At first I told refused to lớn accept it as I believe it was an extravagant expenditure, but on her persistent persuasion I had to accept this expensive gift.

It is so difficult khổng lồ describe the máy tính in words, but I would just tell you something about. It was an i3 and it has a đen color. I don't know the price of the laptop as it was a gift but it has been priceless for me. Whenever someone looks at the máy tính xách tay the person asks me about the máy vi tính and tells me how good it is. I am not person an IT professionals so I would not be able lớn explain this electronic device in the most proper way, but I still want to say that it is not only stylish but also useful

This gift has been very beneficial for me. It has helped me both educationally & socially. I use my máy vi tính whenever I have to bởi an assignment or report. I also talk or communicate with my friends by using different websites & applications. I can say that my life would have been boring và slow if I had not had this beautiful gift. That is the reason I always tell my sister how thankful I am to lớn her for giving me suck a useful thing which has actually helped me a lot.


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