Cùng Kênh tuyển chọn Sinh ôn tập lại kỹ năng về ngữ pháp giờ Anh qua loạt bài xích tập về mệnh đề quan hệ giới tính dưới đây.

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Bài tập: Tính trường đoản cú + ONE/ONES cùng Tính từ làm cho Đại tự

Bạn đã biết về cách sử dụng Tính tự + one/ones với Tính từ làm Đại tự trong giờ đồng hồ Anh qua loạt bài bác trước kia của Kênh tuyển chọn Sinh chưa? xem xét lại và thuộc luyện...

Bài 1: chọn từ tương thích điền vào nơi trống

1. Before coming to lớn the sale department, please check the name task __________ are listed in the general board.A. ThatB. WhyC. WhenD. Where

2. I never forget the time ____________ my grandmother died.A. WhereB. WhatC. WhenD. In which

3. I couldn’t remember ___________ will there having power nguồn cut.A. WhatB. WhoC. WhichD. When

4. The khách sạn _____________ we had booked for a night was the most expensive in this city.A. WhereB. WhichC. WhenD. That

5. The singer about ____________ I was telling you is in the crowd ahead now.A. WhoB. WhichC. ThatD. Whom

6. Are you son ___________ the women met accident yesterday?A. WhoseB. WhoC. ThatD. When

7. Who is your son? He is the child ________ wear red T-shirt.A. WhoseB. WhoC. WhichD. When

Bài 2: lựa chọn từ sai cần được sửa

1. The women for (A) who the police (B) are looking (C) hit (D) a motorbike last night.=> cụ who thành whom

3. We work (A) with (B) a person (C) her name (D) is Laura.=> vậy her name thành whose

4. (A) The girl (B) whom you (C) are looking for (D) living in that neighborhood.=> vậy living thành lives hoặc is living

5. (A) Her sister warned (B) her not (C) repeating (D) that mistake again.=> vậy repeating thành to lớn repeat

6. My father (A) will fly to Beijing, (B) that is (C) the capital thành phố (D) of China.=> ráng that thành which

7. He (A) is (B) the most handsome guy (C) whose I have (D) ever met.=> thế whose thành whom hoặc that

8. Every teacher (A) who (B) majors in Math (C) are ready to participate (D) in this contest.

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=> nuốm are thành is bởi vì chủ ngữ là every student


Cùng Kênh tuyển Sinh ôn tập lại kiến thức về ngữ pháp giờ Anh qua loạt bài tập về mệnh đề quan liêu hệ

Bài 3: Viết lại câu

1. My father is a famous doctor. Everyone admires her. => My father, whom everyone admires, is a famous doctor.

2. The old orphanage was closed. It is in front of my house.=> The old orphanage which is in front of my house was closed.

3. I bought a xanh dress. It is very fit và nice.=> I bought a xanh dress which /that is very fit & nice.

4. Susan is very friendly. I have been working with her.=> Susan with whom I have been working is very friendly.

5. The boy looks sad. His dog died in the accident.=> The boy whose dog died in the accident looks sad.

Bài 4: Điền từ phù hợp vào chỗ trống

1. The girl_______ lives next door are Korean.2. The book ______ your brother gave me is very good.3. Bởi vì you know the guy ______ are standing outside the class?4. The police are looking for the thieve ______ got into his house last night.5. The matcha chocolate ______ you lượt thích comes from Japan.6. I have lost the phone ______ my mother gave me on my birthday.7. Buses ______ go to the center of city run every half hour.