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Nội dung text: bài bác tập giờ Anh Lớp 5 - Unit 6: How many lessons vì chưng you have today? - Vi Phượng

English 7 Unit 6.

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How many lessons do you have today? (Test 1) I. Arrange these letters to lớn make correct school subjects. 1. IshElgn: 5. Sicalphy ucaedtion: 2. Sathm: 6. Escenci : 3. Ssleon: 7. Rta: 4. Umsic: 8. MVsietneea: II. Complete the dialogue with the words from the box. What time too timetable an favorite will Physics lessons Phong: I don’t have my (1) .What do we have today, Minh? Minh: We have Maths, (2) , History and English. Phong: (3) do we have Physics? Minh: We have it from 7:45 to lớn 8:30. Phong: What (4) will we have tomorrow? Minh: We (5) have Geography, Art, Music và Physical Education. Phong: What is your (6) subject, Minh? Minh: I lượt thích Math. It’s (7) interesting and important subject. Phong: Yes, I lượt thích Math (8) III. Choose the correct word or phrase 1. He is a student Le Loi School. A. At b. In c. On d. For 2. The class at 7 o’clock in the morning. A. Starts b. Start c. Over d. Ends 3. Are you talking to? – I am talking khổng lồ my friend, Thanh. A. Who b. Which c. When d. What 4. Vì chưng you go to lớn bed?- At half past ten. A. What b. When c. Where d. What time 5. Does Nga have English? – On Monday and Tuesday. A. When b. How long c. How far d. What time 6. Lessons vị you have today? – We have four lessons. A. How far b. How much c. How many d. What time 7. Mai goes to school a week. A. Five time b. Fifth time c. Five times d. Five 8. How many does Hung have on Wednesday? a. Lesson b. Lessons c. Class d. Classroom IV. Rewrite the words in correct order to lớn make meaningful sentences. 1. Favorite/ Art / Music/ her/ subjects/ are/ and/. 2. Students / have / on / lessons / Vietnamese / Saturdays/. 3. English / have / students / don’t / on / lessons / Saturdays/. 4. Have / in / only / on / they / lessons / morning / the / weekdays/. 5. Maths/ My/ times/ class/ week/ have/ a/ lessons/ six/. 6. Have / in / exams / students / their / the / May/. 7. Always / homework / they / their / in / evening / the / do/. 8. Is / television / moment / she / at / watching / the/. 9. Does/ How/ lessons/ she/ Thursday/ many/ have/ on/? 10. They/ week/ have/ times/ lessons/ three/ a/ English/. Vi Phượng | English 5 1English 7 V. Translate these sentences into Vietnamese. 1. My lessons begin at 12:45 và end at 17:15. 2. The last class begins at 16:30 & ends at 17:15. 3. There are two breaks in the afternoon. 4. The first class begins at 12:45 và ends at 13:30. 5. Of all subjects I like English best. VI. Choose the best suitable words khổng lồ complete the passage.

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At school we (1) many things. In Literature, we learn (2) books & write essays. In History, we study past & present (3) in Viet Nam và around the world. In (4) we study different countries & their people. In Physics, we learn about (5) things work. In the (6) class, we study English. We study (7) other things as well, such as Music, Sports và Art. We (8) all of our lessons. 1. A. Have b. Study c. Vì 2. A. With b. At c. About 3. A. Events b. Things c. Lessons 4. A. Geography b. Physics c. Biology 5. A. When b. What c. How 6. A. Music b. Language c. Math 7. A. Much b. Many c. Any 8. A. Learn b. Enjoy c. Have VII. Answer questions about you 1. When vày you have English lessons? 2. What is your favorite subject? 3. What vì chưng you usually do in your không lấy phí time? 4. What vì chưng you usually vì chưng after school? 5. How often vị you go swimming? VIII. Read the text và answer the questions We go khổng lồ school (1) days a week, from Monday to lớn Friday, và we have a lot of subjects at school such as math, Literature, English, Geography, and so on. I always try my best khổng lồ study all, especially English because it’s my (2) . Subject .Math is a little difficult but (3) However, I don’t like Literature very much (4) the teacher gives us so many exercises. I’m not very good at Computer Science, so I’m really afraid (5) . This subject. Physics, Geography và History are the most useful subjects to lớn me. We learn about the world, about life and nature. I’m rather interested in these subjects. 1. A. Seven B. Four C. Five D. Six 2. A. Lovely B. Likely C. Favorite D. Interesting 3. A. Easy B. Good C. Lovely D. Interesting 4. A. Because B. But C. Then D. And 5. A. For B. At C. Of D. On IX. Fill in the blank with suitable preposition (in, on, at, by, from, with, to ) 1. I often go to lớn school bus. 2. Their grandparents live 34 Hang da street. 3. Bob & I come the same town but my accent is different his. 4. At present, John is staying his brother’s family the city center, very far his parents. 5. Thanh is a newcomer class 7D. She sits next my cousin. 6. We often go to the concert weekends. 7. Are you không tính phí Sunday 9 o’clock? 8. I want to lớn send my friend this package. 9. Daisy gives two stamped envelopes Mary. 10. The weather is usually hot summer. Vi Phượng | English 5 2