Bài tập chia động từ lớp 6

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TENSES OF VERBSI: mang lại dạng đúng của cồn ở thì hiện tại đơn 1.

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My sister (do) does her homework .2. My father ( watches ) .. ..television.3. She (listens) ..to music 4. He(does not go) ..to school.5.Peter (gets) . Up at 66. Nam giới (does) his homework .7. Does Minh ( watch ) .. ..television ?8. Ba & Nam ( be) are .. Doctors.9. Vì you (listen) ..to music ? 10.Every morning.she(goes) ..to school 11. Nan always ( play s) basketball in the winter. 12. Ba & Nam ( arenot) .. Doctors.13. There (be) is .a kitchen in my house.14. His father (not be) isnot . .a businessman 15. Nga........ Is ( be ) my friend . He (plays) .. Games everyday. 16. We.......dont read.................................... (not read) books after lunch.17. Vày .Your children ...........................................( play) soccer every afternoon?18. Hoa ( doesnot have ) a lot of friends in Hue.19. The students (donot go ) .. . .to school on Sundays. 20. Mai ...........( doesnot have) Math on Monday.II. Present simple tense và present continuous tense1. He (doesnot go) to lớn the movies every nights.3. I am (going) khổng lồ Ha Noi with my parents now.4. I vì chưng .. The house work everyday.5. His mother (cook) .in the kitchen now.6. What is Mai (do) .now? – She (play) . In the garden.7. The teacher (read) the dialogue at the moment và we (listen) .................. Khổng lồ her.8. What is...... Your father (do) .......... Now?- He (read) ............... A newspaper in the living room.9. Minh (plays) . .............. Soccer every Sunday.10. What time .....do......... You (go)........... To lớn bed?11. How .......... She (travel) .............. To work? - She (walks) .......... Khổng lồ work.12. Her mother (be) ..is......... A doctor. She (works) in a hospital.13. Their father (works in a factory.14. She (plays) the violin very well.15. The girls (like) ice cream very much.16. Mr. John (have) .. A restaurant.17. These students (study) English now.18. Our mother (go) .. To work every day.19. I (read) the interesting book now.20. Listen! I think the phone (ring) .III. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct verb tense: the Present Perfect or Past Simple.1. Tom (call) __________________ his quái thú yesterday.2. I (meet) __________________ Robert at the supermarket this morning.3. We (fly) _____________ khổng lồ Ha Noi several times, but last summer we (go)______ there by train. 4. When (your father/ give up) ___________________________ smoking?5. My uncle (move) __________________ to da Lat in 2005.6. I (be) __________________ to lớn Sa pa twice since 2000. 7. We (spend) __________________ our summer vacation in Ha Long cất cánh last July.8. I (watch) __________________ the film Titanic already. 9. The postman (deliver) __________________ the letter half an hour ago.10. I (hear) __________________ the good news from Mary a few minutes ago.11. I (have had_________________________ this ipad for three years12. My father (gave) ________ it lớn me when I was in grade 6.13. My mother (do) has done__________________ all the cleaning. The apartment is really clean now.14. Someone (turn) has turned__________________ on the hi-fi. Bởi you know that song?15. The match (has just started) __________________ . Our team is playing very well.16. He (lose) _has lost_________________ his credit card. He can’t find it anywhere.17. Prices (go) have gone __________________ up. Everything is more expensive nowadays.18. (you/buy) __Have you bought_____________________ the máy vi tính yet?.19. Miss white (work) _______________________ in Ha Noi from 2011 to/till 2014.I. TENSES OF VERBSQuestion: Put the verbs in the correct form. 1. I enjoy (fish) _________ because it (be) _________________relaxing.3. What ________________your mother often (do) ___________ at weekends?4. I think, in the future people (not play) ______________ individual games.5. We find (arrange) ___________ flowers interesting because it (help) _____us relax.6. We (go) ____________________to that village to vì chưng volunteer work last week7. My uncle (move) ____________________to domain authority Lat in 2005.8. My parents (buy) ____________________this house trăng tròn years ago.9.

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The students ( not be) ___________________at school on last Monday.10. Lan (be ) ____________________at trang chủ when we went out.11. Where you (be) ____________________ last Sunday?12. They (help) ________________the elderly people cook food some days ago?13. My father (not play) _________________any sport since last year.14.Tom (call) his quái dị yesterday.15.My uncle (move) to domain authority Lat in 2005.16.The Greens (be) _____________to many countries in the world so far.17.We (go) ___________to that village to vị volunteer work several times.18. We (spend) our summer vacation in Ha Long bay last July.19. I (hear) the good news from Mary a few minutes ago.20. ..you (finish) your homework yet?21. Don’t worry we (go) .. Swimming with you tomorrow.22. She often (go) ......................... Khổng lồ the market with her mother every weekend.23. We (visit) ...................... Hue next month. 24. My younger sister (collect) ................. Dolls two years ago.25. .................. You ever (do) ................. Volunteer work ?26.He usually (go) . Fishing on Saturdays.27.My brother used lớn ( go ) lớn work by motorbike. Now he cycles.28.How about (see) . A movie on Sunday evening ?29.An didn’t used (play) . Football in the afternoon. Now he often does it.30.Nam (learn) .. English for 8 years.31.Last night, my father ( watch) ..TV.32.They are interested in ( arrange) ..flowers.33. I like ( work) .. As a volunteer for that orphanage.34. She loves (swim) _____________ with you tomorrow.35.My friends hate (eat) _____________ out. 36.My parents like (live) _____________ in the countryside. 37. We enjoy (watch) _____________ the latest films. 39.This house (build) two years ago.39. Mr Dam ( organize) .his 34th birthday last week.40. My cousin( visit) Son Doong last summer vacation.41. __________________ (you/ be) không lấy phí next Sunday?42. I (collect) _________________ a lot of stamps from foreign countries so far.43. Nam’s friends often (give)______________ him stamps from other countries.44. My sister (practice) ____________________ the guitar twice a week.45. They (give) _______________ a party next week.46. Lan ( invite) .to the tiệc nhỏ tomorrow.47. We (live) __________ near Nam’s house, but we (not see) __________himvery often.48. My brother usually (go) fishing in his không tính phí time.49. We (not like) roller skating because it’s dangerous.50. I think trăng tròn years from now more people (take up) outdoor activities.51. Jane’s hobby is (cook) . She enjoys (prepare) food for her family and friends.52. What ..your mother (do) last weekends?53. In my opinion, in the future people (not play) individual games.54. We find (arrange) flowers interesting because it (help) us relax.55. My father (start) the hobby ten years ago after a trip to lớn Ha Long Bay. 56. ( Peter, visit) ..his parents five years ago? 57.. My students love ( listen) to lớn pop music.58. Between 7am & 8am tomorrow. We .lessons .(have)59. This time next year my father in the hydro nguồn station.(work)60. At the moment, he (play) ..computer games.II..Rewrite the following sentences, using the words given.Ex : The last time I heard him was in August. ↔ I haven’t heard him since August.1.The last time I played football was in 1970.àI have.2. The last time it rained was a fortnight ago.àIt has.3. The last time Lucy wore that dress was at Barbara’s wedding.àLucy has.4. The last time my father was to lớn Vung Tau was 2 years ago.àMy father.5.The last time Betty rode khổng lồ work was a fortnight ago.àBetty has.6.He hasn’t played tennis since 1990.àThe last time.7.I haven’t met her for 2 months.àThe last time.B –Rewrite the following sentences, using the words given.Ex: - He started working for this factory a year ago.àHe has worked for this factory since last year / for a year.1.Tom began playing the piano 4 years ago.àTom has.2. I started cooking for the buổi tiệc ngọt 4 hours ago.àI have.3. She started working as a secretary 2 years ago.àShe.4. My father started reading a newspaper 2 hours ago.àMy father.5.My sister began lớn study English a year ago.àMy sister.6.Scientists began lớn fight against sida in 1980.àScientists have. 7.The Browns have lived in London for 20 years.àThe Browns began.8. John has worked for this electronics firm since 1999.àJohn started.10. Jack và Jill have learned lớn drive for 2 weeks.àJack và Jill started.11. How long have you studied English?àWhen.12. When did you begin to vì research on lung cancer?àHow long.Rewrite the following sentences, using the words given:Ex : I haven’t seen that film before.àIt / This is the first time I have seen that film.1.My father hasn’t driven a oto before.àThis is the first time.2.I’ve never met such a famous singer before.àIt’s the first time.3.She has never been lớn the ballet before.àIt’s the first time.4.She hasn’t drunk Coca Cola before.àThis is the first time.5.I have never read this book before.àIt’s the first time.6.I have never met such an intelligent student before.àIt’s the first time.7.This is the first time my grandfather has been khổng lồ hospital.àMy grandfather has.Rewrite the following sentences, using the words given.Ex: I haven’t seen my father for one month.àIt’s one month since I last saw my father.1.Tom has not had his hair cut for over 3 months.àIt’s.2.M father hasn’t been to lớn Hanoi for 2 years.àIt is.3.I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for years.àIt is.4. I haven’t eaten this kind of food for 2 years.àIt is.5.Mary hasn’t rung for hours.àIt is.6.We haven’t seen him for 4 years.àIt is.7.It’s over a year since I last went lớn see them.àI haven’t.8.It’s more than ten years since I last played football.àI haven’t.IV. Dạng viết lại câu với bây giờ Hoàn thành: 1. This is the first time she has eaten eel soup.= She has not ..2. She began to write 30 minutes ago.= She has 3. They started studying English when they were in grade 3.= They have ..4. I last saw him 3 weeks ago.= I haven’t ..5. The last time I watched this movie was 6 months ago.= I haven’t 6. It is a long time since she last saw her parents.= She hasn’t ..7. When did you begin reading this book?= How long have ....?8. This is the first time I have been abroad.= I haven’t 9. I haven’t gone to lớn the zoo since last year.= The last .10. I haven’t met my aunt since I was 10 years old.= I last 11. This is the first time she has worked with foreigners.= She hasn’t 12. She started to lớn cry two hours ago.= She has 13. We started khổng lồ chat on the phone when it began to rain.= We have 14. We got to know each other when we were at university.= We have .15. The last time she phoned her parents was 3 weeks ago.= She hasn’t 16. It is a long time since we last went lớn this restaurant.= We haven’t 17. When did you have this laptop?= How long ................................................................................?18. This is the first time I have joined such an exciting party.=I haven’t 19. I haven’t heard from her for many years.= The last 20. The children haven’t been taken lớn the park since 2012.= The last time 24. She started doing the housework as soon as she got home.= She has 27. The last time we contacted was 3 months ago.= We haven’t 28. It is a long time since I last wrote lớn her.= I haven’t ..29. When did you start khổng lồ wait for the bus?= How long have ....?30. This is the first time I have stayed in this hotel.= I have ..31. He last sent me postcards when he was in Paris.= The last time = He hasn’t ..32. They haven’t visited their hometown since they were 12.= They last 33. This is the first time she has read such a lãng mạn novel.= She hasn’t ..34. We began to lớn talk two hours ago.= It’s two hours .35. My father started khổng lồ work as an engineer when he was 22.= My father has 36. She last sent me letters last year.= She hasn’t .= The last time .37. The last time she phoned her parents was ages ago.= It’s ages .. 38. It is a long time since we last went lớn this restaurant.= We haven’t 39. When did you move khổng lồ this house?= How long have ........................................................................................................?40. She moved lớn this city 4 weeks ago.= She has 41. I haven’t seen my brother for many years.= The last 42. We haven’t been taken lớn the zoo for 5 months.= The last time we