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BÀI TẬP CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN(CONDITIONAL SENTENCES)Exercise 1: Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:If I see him , I _____ (give ) him a gift.If I had a typewriter, I _____ (type) it myself.

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If I had known that you were in hospital, I _____ (visit) you.You could make better progress if you _____ (attend) class regularly. If I _____ (know) his telephone number, I’d give it to you. If you _____ (arrive) ten minutes earlier, you would have got a seat. If he worked more slowly, he _____ (not make) so many mistakes.I shouldn’t drink that wine if I _____ (be) you.If I _____ (find) a cheap room, I will stay a fortnight.A lot of people _____ (be) out of work if the factory closed down.Exercise 2: Make conditional sentences:Keep silent or you’ll wake the baby up. →If .. .. Stop talking or you won’t understand the lesson.→ If ..... . .I don’t know her number, so I don’t ring her up.→ If ..... . ..I don’t know the answer, so I can’t tell you.→ If . ..We got lost because we didn’t have a map.→ If . .. . Susan felt sick because she ate four cream cakes. → .. Without this treatment, the patient would have died. → . . ...He lost his job because he was late every day. → ... Peter is fat because he eats so many chips. → ... ..Robert got a bad cough because he started smoking cigarettes. → .. ..Exercise 3: Use UNLESS instead of IF EX: If you do not study hard, you will fail the exam. Unless you study hard , you will fail the examIf you bởi vì not like this one, I’ll bring you another Unless If she does not hurry, she’ll be late Unless .If you are not careful, you’ll cut yourself Unless if you had not sneezed, he wouldn’t have known that we were there.Unless Exercise 4: One of the four underlined parts marked A, B, C, D in each sentence is not correct in standard English. Identify them.If Lucia had been here now, she would find out the truth about her uncle’s accident. A B C DIf a student takes a course on Computer Science, it will take him four years doing the course. A B C DUnless it did not rain, Peter would pay us a visit. A B C DIf had I known you were in financial difficulty, I would have helped you. A B C DIf I had knew the time when the match started, I would have told you. A B C DIf she had finished the work, she can go home. A B C DIf I had spoken more confident at the interview, they would have offered me the job. A B C DIf we had had a map, we would not be lost yesterday. A B C DHad I known Alice’s address, I would write to lớn her. A B C DIf I had realized that the traffic lights were red, I would stop. A B C DIf had you sent the application khung to that company, you would have been offered a job. A B C DHe spends money carelessly as if he was a millionaire. A B C D Unless you work harder, you will be sack because of your laziness. A B C DUnless there had been the heavy storm, the climbers will not have died. A B C DShe has found that nobody can help her if she did not try her best to vì it herself. A B C DExercise 6: Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences._____have enough apples, she’ll make an táo apple pie this afternoon.A.Should sheB. If sheC. Will sheD. Unless sheIf you_____to me, you wouldn’t have got so much trouble.A. ListenedB. Would listenC. Had listenedD. Would have listenedIf you don’t know how khổng lồ spell a word, you_____ look it up in the dictionary.A. MustB. WillC. ShouldD. OughtIf the sun _____, we _____for a walk.A. Shines / will goB. Shone / will goC. Shone / would goD. Had shone / would goThe campfire _____ if it _____ last night.A. Wouldn’t be cancelled / hadn’t rainedB. Wouldn’t have been cancelled / hadn’t rainedC. Would have been cancelled / hadn’t rainedD. Will be cancelled / rainsBut for our parents, we _____ successful in life.A. Will never beB. Would never beC. Wouldn’t have be D. Would have never beenIf I _____ my wallet at home this morning, I _____ money for lunch now.A. Leave / will haveB. Didn’t leave / would haveC. Hadn’t left / would haveD. Hadn’t left / would have hadIt is too bad, Lam isn’t here. If he _____ here, he _____ what to lớn do.A. Were / would know B. Is / will knowC. Had been / would have knownD. Was / would knowIf we _____ the plans carefully, we would not have had so many serious mistakes.A. StudyB. Had studiedC. StudiedD. Were studyingI will never talk to lớn you again _____ you apologize me _____ your being rude.A. If / forB. Unless / forC. Or / ofD. Whether / or_____ if you work harder, you will be sacked.A. WhetherB. IfC. HoweverD. UnlessI think you should stop smoking.A. If I am you, I will stop smoking.B. If I were you, I will stop smoking.C. If I were you, I would stop smoking.D. If I had been you, I would stop smoking.If you take the ice out of the fridge, it _____.A. VaporizesB. MeltsC. HeatsD. DisappearsWe should bởi vì something to protect water from being polluted _____we will have nothing khổng lồ drink in the future.A. IfB. WhetherC. OrD. UnlessLet’s knock on their door to lớn see _____ home.A. If they’reB. Unless they’reC. Whether they wereD. If they wereUnless we _____ more snow, we can’t go skiing.A. Will haveB. HaveC. Have hadD. HadYou’ll fail the exam _____ you start revising.A. IfB. UntilC. WhenD. UnlessUnless you wash the car, you _____ not drive it at the weekend.A. WouldB. CouldC. Have toD. MayIf Peter _____ his oto before the drive, he _____ the problem of out of petrol.A. Checked / will not getB. Had checked / would not have gotC. Checks / will not have gotD. Would be checking / will not have gotHe stepped on the mine, and it exploded.If he doesn’t step on the mine, it doesn’t explode.If he doesn’t step on the mine, it won’t explode.If he didn’t step on the mine, it wouldn’t explode.If he hadn’t stepped on the mine, it wouldn’t have exploded.In my experiments, the liquid is cooled to 32 ºF. It always freezes.If you cool the liquid to 32 degrees, it froze.If you cooled the liquid lớn 32 degrees, it would freeze.If you cool the liquid khổng lồ 32 degrees, it will freeze.If you had cooled the liquid to 32 degrees, it would have frozen.It may rain this afternoon. I hope it doesn’t because I don’t want the match to be cancelled. A. If it rains, the match is cancelled.B. If it rains, the match will be cancelled.C. If it rained, the match would be cancelled.D. If it had rained, the match would have been cancelled.Unfortunately, I don’t know Philosophy, so I can’t answer your question.If I know Philosophy, I can answer your question.If I know Philosophy, I will be able lớn answer your question.If I knew Philosophy, I would be able to lớn answer your question.If I had known Philosophy, I would have been able to answer your question._____ there are some more ideas, we can kết thúc the meeting now.A. IfB. As ifC. UnlessD. In caseIf he _____ with us now, he _____ the beauty of nature of the National Park.A. Is / can enjoyB. Was / will enjoyC. Has been / would enjoyD. Were / could enjoyIf they had searched more carefully, they the watch sooner.A. Will findB. Would findC. FoundD. Would have foundIf I had got up early, I _____ to lớn have breakfast now.A. HaveB.I hadC. Would haveD. Would have hadI cannot buy a new computer _____ I save enough money.A. IfB. Even ifC. UnlessD. As ifMost people you meet will be polite khổng lồ you _____.A. If you are polite to themB. If you will be polite lớn themC. Unless you are polite to lớn themD. If you were polite khổng lồ themIf you vị so, it _____ the matter worse.A. Makes onlyB. Would only makeC. Will only makeD. Had only madeYou _____ English fluently unless you practice it every day.A. Will speakB. Will not speakC. Can speakD. Did not speakHurry up _____ you will miss the bus và be late for school.A. IfB. AndC. OrD. AsYou will get a good seat if you _____ first.A. ComeB. CameC. Have comeD. Will comeSam will not graduate_____.A. If he passed all the testsB. If he does not pass all the tests.C. Unless he passes all the testsD. Unless he had passed all the tests.If I had time, I would go with you.A.I am không tính phí and surely go with you.B.I am too busy khổng lồ go with you.C. I will go with you because I have time.D. I am miễn phí enough to lớn go with you.If Margaret hadn’t been wearing a seat belt, she . Injured.A. Has beenB. Would has beenC. Would beD. Would have beenIf I _____ the rain yesterday, I_____ ill.A. Had not caught / would have beenB. Had not caught / would have not beenC. Have not caught / were notD. Have not caught / would have beenHe looked frightened as if he _____ a ghost.A. SeesB. Is seeingC. Has seenD. Had seenWhat _____if there _____ a serious nuclear accident.A. Will happen / wasB. Happens / wereC. Would happen / wereD. Would happen / had beenExercise 7: Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:If I (know) . That you were ill, I (go) khổng lồ see you.If she"d had enough money, She (buy) a car.I (buy) .. A car If you lend me some money.I (see) him if I (go) . To lớn the các buổi tiệc nhỏ last night.We could have gone out if the weather (not be) so bad.If the book (not be ) expensive, I"ll buy it.You would be very surprised if he (return) I"ll go out if it (not rain) .They wouldn"t come khổng lồ the các buổi tiệc nhỏ if you (not invite) ..themWhat you (do) . If you (be) .. Him? If that hat costs much, I (buy) . A small one.If you (drive) ...more carefully, you (have) so many accidents.If I (make) .. That mistake again, my teacher (get) angry with me. If I spoke English, my job (be) .. A lot easier.If he (go) ..

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To lớn London yesterday, he ( meet) . His old friend.I will lend them some money if they (ask) .. Me.If we had known who he was, we (invite) .. Him to speak at our meeting. My dog (bark) if it (hear) .. Any strange sound.If I (have) .. Enough money, I would buy a house.They (not/let) you in if you (come) late.If you (not go) .. Away, I (send) for a policeman.If I (be) in your place, I (accept) Mr. Anderson’s invitation.If I (win) . A big prize in a lottery, I’d give up my job.If I (be) .. You, I (tell) the truth.I was busy. If I (have) ..free time. I (go) . To the cinema with you.Why didn’t you attend the meeting?Oh, I did not know. If I (know) I (come) ..there.What .we(do) if they bởi not come tomorrow?If I had enough time now, I (write) . Khổng lồ my parents.It’s too bad Helen isn’t here. If she (be) .. Here, she (know) ..what lớn do.If I (eat) breakfast tomorrow morning, I (get) . Hungry during class.If she (come) .. Late again, she (lose) her job.I (let) . You know if I (find) . Out what’s happening.If we (live) . In a town, life would be better.I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if we (arrive) . Early.We (phone) . You if we have time.If I won the lottery, I (give) . You half the money.It (be) .. A pity if she married FredIf I’m không tính tiền on Saturday, I (go) .. Lớn the mountains.She (have) .. A nervous breakdown if she goes on lượt thích this.I know I (feel) better if I (stop) smoking.If I (be) you, I (help) him.I (understand) .. Him if he (speak) .. More slowly.He didn’t listen to the teacher. If he (listen) .. Carefully, he (perform) well in the examinationHe’s waiting for his mother khổng lồ come back from Chicago. If his mother (come) . Home, he (have) . A lot of presents.He wanted lớn buy some Christmas presents but he couldn’t. If he (afford) .. To buy, his children (be) . Very happy to greet a new year.The kitchen will look better if we (have) .. Red curtains.If I knew his address, I (go) .. Round & see him.If you (not be) . So busy, I (show) you how lớn play. It (be) quicker if you (use) a computer.If we (have) .. Some eggs, I (make) you a cake.Bring him another if he (not/like) .. This one.She (be) . Angry if she (hear) . This tomorrow.Unless you are more careful, you (have) .. An accident.If you (like), I (get) . You a job in this company.If grandmother (be) .. 5 years younger, she (play) some games.If he sun (stop) shinning, there (be) no light on earth.If I (be) a millionaire, I (live) . On Mars.Exercise 8: Choose the best answer:If I .a lot of money now, I ..a new car.A. Have /will buyB. Have / would buyC. Had/ will buyD. Had/ would buy.If I you, I .do that.A. Am/ willB. Were /wouldC. Were/ willD. Had been/ would.if I were offered the job, I think I . It.A. TakeB. Will takeC. Would takeD. Would have taken.I would be very surprised if he ..A. RefusesB. RefusedC. Had refusedD. Would refuse.Many people would be out of work if that factory ..down.A. ClosesB. Had closedC. ClosedD. Would close.If she sold her car, she much money.A. Getsb. Would getc. Will getd. Would have got.They would be disappointed if we .a. Hadn’t comeb. Wouldn’t comec. Don’t comed. Didn’t come.Would John be angry if I . His bicycle without asking?a. Takeb. Tookc. Had takend. Would take.She .terrible upset if I lost this ring.a. Will be b. Would bec. Wered. Had been.If someone in here with a gun, I would be very frightened.a. Would walkb. Walksc. Had walkedd. Walked.What would happen if you ..to work tomorrow?a. Don’t gob. Didn’t goc. Won’t god. Wouldn’t go.We ‘ll get wet if we .out.a. Gob. Did goc. Wentd. Had gone.If I go shopping, I some food.a. Buyb. Will buyc. Would buyd. Would have bought.If I find it, I you.a. Will tellb. Would tellc. Had toldd. Told.What would you vày if you a million dollars?a. Would winb. Winc. Had wond. Won.They ‘d be hurt if I .a. Don’t gob. Didn’t goc. Hadn’t goned. Wouldn’t go.If we took the 6: 30 train, we too early.a. Would have arrivedb. Arrivedc. Will arrivedd. Would arrive.If I had known you were in hospital, I to lớn see you.a. Will gob. Would goc. Wentd. Would have gone.If I ., I would have said hello.a. Had seenb. Seec. Sawd. Would see.I ..out if I hadn’t been so tired.a. Will gob. Wentc. Would have goned. Would go.If I ..a camera, I would have taken some pictures.a. Have b. Hadc. Would haved. Had had.You won’t pass the examination you study more.a. As long asb. Unlessc. If d. Whether.If only I you wanted to lớn invest money in business.a. Had knownb. Knewc. Have knownd. Know.If I were to leave my country , I disappointed.a. Probably be b. Would have been c. Will bed. Would be.If he hadn’t wasted too much time, he .in his examination.a. Would failb. Wouldn’t failc. Wouldn’t have failed.d. Won’t fail.If I had taken that English course, I ..much progress.a. Had madeb. Would have madec. Maded. Would make.If I were in your place, I .a trip lớn England.a. Will makeb. Had madec. Made.d. Would make.If I .. You , I’d save some of your lottery winning.a. Beb. Werec. Amd. WasIf the car .. Larger, we would have bought it.a. Had beenb. Have beenc. Has beend. BeenIf I had enough money, I abroad lớn improve my English.a. Will gob. Should goc. Would god. Should have go toExercise 9: Rewrite the following sentences:He can’t go out because he has to study for his exam.=> If ..She is lazy so she can’t pass the exam.If He will pay me tonight; I will have enough money to lớn buy a car.=> If .He smokes too much; that’s why he can’t get rid of his cough.=> If ..She is very shy, so she doesn’t enjoy the party.=> If ..I will get a work permit. I will stay for another month.=> If ..He doesn’t take any exercises. He is so unhealthy=> If .We can’t get the ticket because I don’t have the right change.=> If ..Study hard or you won’t pass the exam.=> If ..Don’t be impatient or you will make mistakes.=> If ..I didn’t eat lunch, I feel hungry now.=> If I .. .I only come if they invite me.=> unless .He didn’t revise all his lessons, he failed the exam.=> If he ..The park is over there, only 5 minutes’ walk.=> If you walk .Leave me alone or I’ll điện thoại tư vấn the police.=>Unless If you arrive at the office earlier than I do, please turn on the air-conditioner.=> Should .The children don’t go lớn school in the snowy weather.=> If it He died so young; otherwise, he would be a famous musician by now.=>Had You must tell me the whole truth or I won’t help you.=> Unless The car breaks down so often because you don’t take good care of it.=> Were I He is very bad-tempered, that’s why his wife left him soon after marriage.=> If he Don’t tell lies to lớn your quái nhân or you’ll be fired at once.=> If She got married at such an early age: otherwise, she would be at university now.=> Had .- 3 -Exercise 10: One of the four underlined parts marked A, B, C, D in each sentence is not correct in standard English. Identify them.1. If we will reduce the tốc độ of population growth, there will be less pressure on the earth. A b c d2. Unless we leave a bowl of water under the sun, it will evaporate. A b c d3. If we continue khổng lồ use fuels at the current rate, we would soon have khổng lồ face a fuel crisis. A b c d4. If I am 10 centimeters taller, I would play basketball. A b c d5. If the doctors could find in the remedy, a lot of people would be saved. A b c d6. If she bought that house now, she ran out of money. A b c d7. What you would vị if you could speak French well? A b c d8. If I had known he is not at home, I wouldn’t have gone all the way to his house. A b c d9. If I had known that the road were flooded, I would never have taken that way. A b c d10. If I were you, I will go to lớn the dentist’s and have the tooth checked. A b c d