We protect digital freedom for everyone

We believe that wherever you live, whatever you love sầu, wherever you’re going, & whatever you vày, you have sầu the right lớn live sầu freely & safely online.

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Whether we"re defending privacy, guarding personal identity, or blocking online threats, our mission is to lớn shape a better digital world that works for everyone.

Pavel Baudis defeats the Vienna virut, và he & Eduard Kucera establish the ALWIL cooperative sầu in Prague to lớn distribute & sell their newly created software.

Following the fall of Communism after the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Pavel & Eduard break off from the rest of the cooperative, establishing ALWIL as a company.

After refusing an offer khổng lồ be acquired, Alwil instead licenses its gamesbaidoithuong.com antivirus lớn McAfee, and watches its global distribution grow rapidly.

gamesbaidoithuong.com makes the defining decision lớn change the traditional antivirus business Model và offers a fully featured, không tính tiền antivi khuẩn khổng lồ all.

The number of people using gamesbaidoithuong.com continues khổng lồ grow exponentially, doubling twice in one year, reaching đôi mươi million.

Summit Partners comes on board as an investor. Alwil is rebranded as gamesbaidoithuong.com lớn match the name of our iconic software.

gamesbaidoithuong.com Free Mobile Security becomes the best-rated security ứng dụng on Google Play. gamesbaidoithuong.com Free Antivirut is the most downloaded software on Download.com

gamesbaidoithuong.com"s thiết bị di động family apps hits the 1,000,000 subscriber milestone through Mobile carrier partnerships.

CVC Capital Partners becomes a strategic investor. Our sản phẩm điện thoại products reach the 100 million download milestone faster than any other di động security tools in Google Play history.

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gamesbaidoithuong.com acquires fellow Czech-based cybersecurity giant AVG, doubling our total number of users & bringing in new talent và technologies. The acquisition gives gamesbaidoithuong.com the largest and most advanced threat detection network, based on our massive user base, and further diversifies our sản phẩm portfolio, geographic base, & revenue streams.

All versions of gamesbaidoithuong.com antivirus protect against WannaCry, BadRabbit and NotPetya ransomware as well as Emotet crypto-mining attacks, without requiring a single sản phẩm update. gamesbaidoithuong.com reaches $811M in adjusted billings. gamesbaidoithuong.com acquires Piriform, bringing our total active users to over 435 million.

In 20đôi mươi, gamesbaidoithuong.com entered the FTSE 100 index, which tracks the stocks of the largest firms traded on the London Stoông xã Exchange.

How we keep you safe

Today"s connected world requires us khổng lồ chia sẻ more personal information online than ever before. But that doesn"t mean you have khổng lồ compromise your safety, privacy, or identity.

Free antivi khuẩn, no strings attached

Everyone has the right lớn live sầu freely và safely online. That’s why our award-winning antivi khuẩn is không tính tiền khổng lồ all.

A smoother, faster online experience

Work, play, và explore online without your devices slowing you down thanks lớn our easy to lớn use cleanup and performance tools.

A browser built for privacy

Our private browser has advanced security built in, so you can browse, cửa hàng, và ngân hàng safely on any website.

Protecting business dreams

Whether your business employs one person or 300 we want to lớn keep it safe — today & tomorrow.

Learn about the gamesbaidoithuong.com Foundation and how it champions digital citizens everywhere through education, công nghệ, partnerships, and activism.

How bởi vì we combine human ingenuity with artificial intelligence lớn respond khổng lồ the ever growing complexity of cyber threats today & in the future?