Adobe Illustrator CS5 is a powerful upgrade lớn Illustrator CS4. It contains a lot of new và very interesting features that are helpful in the creative process of every professional graphic designer. You can tải về Adobe Illustrator CS5 latest version for không tính tiền for both 32-bit và 64-bit operating systems. Whether you want to lớn create artwork and projects for website, mobile, print, or motion graphics, Adobe Illustrator is helpful in every creative sầu field.

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Overview Of Adobe Illustrator CS5

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is a powerful update containing many amazing new features. New tools và effects are available to lớn all professional designers & graphics enthusiasts. The new interface is quite tidy and simple providing you more space to lớn work with. All the tools and effects are easily accessible and easy to lớn use. Perspective drawing is a new feature included in illustrator cs5. This tool allows you lớn create designs on the basis of their original perspective.

Amazing drawings are now possible with the help of new strokes & brushes. All sorts of new brushes are added lớn Illustrator CS5 for making chất lượng drawings & shapes, which are reusable. Designers are now able to create crisp graphics for different platforms and devices including website, computer, print, và điện thoại devices. You can work with multiple artboards in a single document.


Design with powerful creative tools

With the power of amazing creative tools, you can create distinctive sầu vector artwork và much more. These tools allow you to lớn create designs on perspective grids. With the amazing powerful new brushes, you can create awesome drawings that can make you st& from the crowd. With the Bristle brush tool, you can create realistic drawings that were not possible with the help of old school tools. The new Shape Builder tool allows you khổng lồ drag your cursor lớn quickly combine, edit, & fill objects.

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Work smoothly and efficiently

Creating great designs are now easy these days because of the powerful tools and features. Multiple artboards make your designing process more efficient & easier. You can draw more smoothly and efficiently because of the increased performance. You can slice your artwork more precisely with the new slice tool. Tools shortcuts are available for saving your time.

Deliver virtually anywhere

You can deliver your artwork and designs virtually anywhere from the new Adobe Illustrator CS5 application. You can deliver your vector designs và shapes from Illustrator CS5 application lớn other adobe products. They won’t đại bại their editability because of the cđại bại relation with other adobe applications. You can take your Illustrator CS5 work directly inlớn Flash Catalyst and use roundtrip editing to lớn perfect your interactions. Illustrator designs and artwork are now fully supported by After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photosiêu thị, Indesign and other applications.

Other Interesting Features

Perspective sầu drawingBeautiful strokesBristle BrushCrisp graphics for web & Mobile devicesMultiple artboards enhancementsShape Builder toolDrawing enhancementsRoundtrip editing with Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5Resolution independent effectsIntegration with Adobe CS Review

Perspective drawing

You can use the perspective sầu tool to create the perspective of specialized designs và artworks. You can use perspective grids lớn draw shapes and scenes in accurate 1-, 2-, and 3-point linear perspectives. Perspective Grid tool allows you to lớn turn on a grid that supports drawing directly on planes of true perspective. The new Perspective sầu Selection tool allows you to lớn move sầu, scale, và duplicate the perspective objects.